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May 2007
1 Fox News Has a Long History of Reporting Bias

Another Reason to Avoid LASIK Eye Surgery

Eating Fish May Actually Cause Diabetes

Beautiful Cloud Formations

Simple Fat Change Radically Improves Mental and Physical Health

Doctors Getting Your Message and Avoiding Drug Sales Reps!


3 LASIK Surgery Can Cause Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' Infections

Why Grass-Fed Beef Costs More

Amazing Trip Around the World in Less Than 4 Minutes

More Reasons to Avoid Processed Meats

FDA Legislation Update

Even in 1918 Drugs Made the Flu WORSE


5 Cell Phones May be Why Honeybees Are Disappearing

Working in Dirt Can Actually be Healthy!

Amazing High-Dynamic Range Photo

Can Eating Chocolate Feel Better Than a Kiss?

Can Ginkgo Biloba Help You Live Longer?



8 Bottled Water Not Cool Anymore

Green Tea Found to Protect You From Autoimmune Diseases

Shift Happens -- Some of the Most Amazing Statistics You Never Knew

Another Possible Explanation for the Devastating Disappearance of Honeybees

Did You Know Your Neighbor's Drugs Wind up in Your Drinking Water?


10 The Secret Power of Sugar Pills

More Proof That Whole Foods Are Better Than Supplements

The Fascinating History of Dinner Time

Alcohol Harms Women Faster Than Men

Can the Pet Food Calamity Also Harm You?


12 Too Much Water Can Kill Even a Fit 22-Year-Old

Hidden Dangers of New Birth Control Pill

Simple Trick to Help Your Memory by Moving Your Eyes

Why You Want to Keep Your Baby Away From the TV!

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From is Vital to Your Health



15 If You Aren't Using This Type of Exercise You Are Missing Out Big Time

Green Tea Can Help Protect Your Bones

Candy Bar Comic Relief

How You Can Use Your Body's Bacteria for Better Health

Critics Deny Teflon's Toxicity


17 Almond ''Pasteurization'' May be Worse Than Previously Thought

Human Ignorance is Growing

Boost Your Productivity in 33 Time-Saving Ways

New Evidence That Sun Exposure Prevents Cancer

Can Full-Spectrum Lighting Save Your Marriage?


19 The Media ''Experts'' Got it Wrong About the Virginia Tech Massacre

Is Your Doctor Being PAID OFF by the Drug Industry?

Clouds That Look Like Fire

Another Reason Seniors Need to Avoid Aspirin

Debating the Health Benefits of Coffee



22 How Honey Can Help Wounds Heal Better

Ron Paul Stirs Up Presidential Debate

Don't Monkey Around With Alcohol

Powerful Video Showing How Drugs Harm Children

Organic Foods Continue to Grow


24 What is Safer -- Fighting Fires or Taking Aspirin?

Processed Foods Are Even Sweeter Than You Think

10 Ways to be More Productive

Make Better Decisions With This Simple, Uncommon and Powerful Step

Future Robots -- The Singularity is Expected to Arrive in 13 Years


26 Fascinating History of the McDonald's French Fry

More Organic Food Deception by Wal-Mart

Vegetables As We Don't See Them

Cancer Vaccine Not Safe

Amazing Video Details Conditions That Cause Bird Flu



29 Hidden Story Behind Baby Carrots

Does the Height of Your Ceiling Affect the Way You Think?

Classes From Ivy League Colleges at No Cost to You!

Interesting Thoughts About the Pursuit of Happiness

42 Ways to Improve Your Exercise Routine


31 Origins of Autism Has Moved

Potential Deception and Destruction of Healthy Chocolate

147 Tips to a Happier and Healthier Life

Think and Grow Healthy

One of My Heroes, Ron Paul, Blasts The Federal Reserve