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August 2007

2 Genetically Modified Foods -- What to Know Before You Eat Them

Do People With Lots of Moles Age Better?

Spotlight on Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

How to Find What You Love to Do

Are There Antibiotics in Your Lettuce?

Insulin Resistance -- Not Belly Fat -- to Blame for Metabolic Syndrome


4 Food Allergies -- Do You Have Unexplained Symptoms?

Five Powerful Reasons to Eat Slower

Raw Steak Tartare with Luci Lock

10 Things Your Restaurant Won't Tell You

Seven Factors Proven to Lengthen Your Life

Diabetes Drug Avandia -- Side Effect Reports Triple



7 Want to Burn More Fat During Exercise? Take a Break

Ron Paul's Candidacy Gains Momentum

Sixty Seconds to Tropical Coleslaw!

Communication -- Eight One-Liners That Stick

Is Tea a Powerful Health Tonic?

75 Percent of the U.S. Population Will be Overweight by 2015


9 Alarm Over Gender-Bender Chemical in Household Cleaning Products

Gardasil Reactions and Deaths on the Rise

A Yummy Scrumptious New Summer Salad!

Remarkable Testimony to the Power of Your Brain

Did Merck Hide the Risks of Fosamax?

What Happens When Your Cholesterol Goes Too Low?

Enjoy Pesticides in Every Bite of GMO Food?


11 Heart Attack Triggers You Should Know

Ingesting the Placenta: Is it Healthy for New Moms?

Wow! A Healthy Melon Smoothie

Hummus -- One Healthy Food Fighting for School Cafeteria Space

Bush Plans to Veto Removal of Mercury From Infant Vaccines



14 When Will You Have Had Enough?

Researcher Discovers Anti-Viral Properties of Cinnamon, With a Hint From the Bible

Chilled Curry Chicken Salad for Hot Summer Nights

Ron Paul and the Empire

Oscar the Cat Predicts Death

Echinacea Really Works


16 Pepsi's "Aquafina" Bottled Water, is Tap Water

Senior FDA Scientist Removed -- for Voicing Concerns About Avandia

A Kidney Dish Even Kidney-Haters Will Love

Entertaining Kids for a Dollar or Less -- Without the TV

Good Nutrition Can Overcome Bad Genes

80 Percent of Schools are Applying Pesticides


18 Why You'll Want to Avoid Bayer Products

Just One Glass of Alcohol a Day Can Lead to Bowel Cancer

Just in Thyme Chicken Salad

Twenty Unique Ways to Improve Your Productivity



21 Drug Companies Suppress Wider Release of Sicko

Is Menstruation Necessary?

Spicy Savory Soup Secret

The Key to a Successful Marriage: Say 'Thank You'

Drug Research Causes Tragic Death

A Theory on the Rise of Modern Affluence


23 The Truth About Tap Water

What's Up, Doc? A Soup That Even Bugs Bunny Would Love

Amazing Photos of Celestial Beauty

Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

"Convenience" Foods Don’t Really Save Time


25 Scientists Warn -- Dangerous Chemical Found in Plastic

Work on a Rotating Shift? Then You Probably Have Lower Levels of Serotonin

How to Eat More Raw Food

10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Brain

Trans Fats Disrupt Electricity in the Heart

Why Breastfeeding in the First Hour of Life is Important



28 Diet Foods Will Cause Obesity, Not Cure It

Could Too Many Antioxidants be as Bad as Too Few?

This Cream Soda Drink is "Yummy Scrummy" as They Say in Old England

A List of Unusual Deaths


30 Almond Growers Seek Delay of Pasteurization Rule

Insomnia Worsened by Increased Nighttime Toilet Visits

Sounds Strange, Tastes Terrific!

You Must See This Amazing Illusion

Breastfeeding Best for Mothers as Well as Infants

Tainted Toothpaste Took an Unchecked Route