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September 2007
1 The Raw Milk Debate Reaches the New York Times and the Washington Post

Honey as Medicine is Making a Comeback

How to Turn a Flashlight Into a Laser

Monsanto Workers Ban GMO Foods From Their Own Cafeteria

Mercury Contamination is Destroying Public Health and Spawning an Autism Epidemic



4 How the Food Industry is Deceiving You

Adenovirus-36 (Ad-36) May Contribute to Obesity

One in Four Americans Have Not Read a Book in the Past Year

The Backlash Against the Eat-Local Movement

FDA-Approved Drug Makes You Hypersexual and a Compulsive Gambler


6 Why New Yorkers Live Longer

Which Type of Food is the Most Filling?

CDC Covering Up Serious Hazards of Water Fluoridation

Exercise 'Must Be Tough to Work'

Juicing For Protein Types -- NOT Off-Limits!


8 Can Humans Live to 1,000?

How to Criticize People Without Causing Offense

Too Much Exercise May Speed Heart Failure

"Healthy" Fast Food Is No Better for Your Heart



11 The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating

Fluoride in Southern California Tap Water Puts 64,000 Kids at Risk

The Shocking Dangers of MSG You Don’t Know

Why Doctors Often Dismiss Drug Side Effects

Minnesota Law Sheds More Light on Drug Companies


13 Obesity is Only One Piece of the Diabetes Puzzle

Vitamin K Linked to Better Vascular Health, Fewer Varicose Veins

Dandelion Coffee -- Who Knew?

Non-Drug Treatment Touted for Preschoolers with ADHD


15 Lack of Sunshine Causes One Million Deaths a Year

Coffee Associated With High Blood Pressure

Does the Internet Really Increase Your Productivity?

"Junk sleep" Damaging Teenagers' Health

Tea Extract Could Reduce HFCS-Diabetes Link



18 A Revealing Look at the Inside of Monsanto And Their Genetic Engineering Machine

Absurd Vaccine Marketing -- Cervical Cancer Vaccinations for Boys

Why You Don’t Want to Live in Dubai

U.S. Government Immorality Will Lead to Bankruptcy

Report Links Power Lines to Cancer


20 The Tragic Consequences of Drugging Our Children

Better than iPhone -- the Gphone

3 Minutes to a Perfect Greek Chicken Salad

Is it True The More You Sleep, The Longer You Live?

Beware: Non-Stick Products Can Harm Your Baby


22 Antioxidant That Retards Wrinkles Discovered

Why Nitric Oxide is Good for You

50 Practical Home Office Feng Shui Tips

Just Five Minutes on a Cell Phone Can Trigger Cancer

Your Best Deal on Hotel Pricing



25 N-acetylcysteine (NAC): This Common Antioxidant Supplement Could Cause You Loads of Trouble

Parabens: The Hidden Danger in Lotions and Sunscreens

Personal Experiments to Live Your Life Better

Fat-Dissolving Injections Too Good To Be True?

The Two Superfoods That Stop Blindness


27 Salad Shocker: Do You Think All Salads Are Healthy?

Can Selenium Protect You from Cancer?

Whiten Your Teeth With Strawberries

Next Revolution in Memory Could Radically Change Your Life

Gardasil -- New Video Reveals Hidden Dangers


29 Mind Control -- Through Your Nose

A Fat, $100 Billion, Crisis

Do the Gratitude Dance!

Vitamin D Will Improve Your Life Expectancy