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October 2007

2 Another Industry Added to Casualty List of GM Foods

Uh-Oh: FDA Now Calls Stevia Unsafe

The Hidden Story of Big Sugar

30 Simple Secrets to Happiness

Not Again! More Diabetes Drug Dangers...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Now Linked to a Common Stomach Virus?


4 Does Tooth Loss Lead to Mental Decline? Or Vice-Versa?

Chicken Dies After Drinking Chinese Bottled Water

Don't View This Video Unless You Want to Laugh

Flip-Flop Science: Does Anyone Really Know What Makes You Healthy?

Virtually All U.S. Doctors Accept Money, Freebies from Drug Companies


6 Puberty at 8? Girls' Earlier Puberty Puts Them at Higher Risk for Cancer

These Cloud Photos Will Amaze You -- Really

Raw Onion Bread... Who Knew?

Doctors in Denial About Vaccine Reactions?

News Alert: Common Childhood Vaccination Promotes New Superbugs



9 Chocolate Lovers Rejoice: Mars Won't Budge

How to Buy Organic Without Breaking the Bank

Great Tips on How to Survive a Physical Attack

Starbucks Cups -- Friend to the Environment?

Controversial Findings About Flu Vaccines for the Elderly


11 Can You Use Honey to Stay Young?

Why You Want to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Frugal Billionaire Plans to Give it All Away

Under Pressure, FDA Reveals Deadly Drug Side Effects

Warning to Men: Hot Tubs Really Will Damage Your Fertility


13 Amazing Wildlife Metaphor of How You CAN Make a Difference!

Do YOU Understand the Dangers of Hormone Therapy?

Always Amazing Almond Milk

Green Tea -- Beats Avandia for Diabetes, and No Deadly Side Effects

Here's How Cholesterol Damages Your Heart



16 Powerful Life Lessons From this Inspiring Professor -- Who is Dying of Cancer

Is Alzheimer's a Form of Diabetes?

Are Sports Drinks Junk Food?

This Pain Medication Could Kill You

Excellent "Feel Good" Ancient Commercial


18 Cut Sugar and Supplements -- and Live 15 Years Longer?

How My Aunt's Death Can Help You ''Cure'' Type 2 Diabetes

Some of the Most Striking Images You've Never Seen

How To Make a Difference in Your Marriage and Your Health


20 How Television Affects Your Brain Chemistry -- And That's Not All!

Beware of Misleading Omega-3 Claims

20 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Pancreatic Cancer is Deadly -- So Cut Your Risk By 25 Percent

Imagine Your Laptop Running for 30 Years -- On a Single Charge



23 What Else Do Biotech Companies 'Engineer'?

One Word That Can Change Your Reality -- And Change The Way You Think

Shocking Revelation -- Cancer Drug Tamoxifen CAUSES Cancer

A Brilliant, Hilarious Tribute to Motherhood!

Is Your Appendix Really a Useless Organ?

Flu Shot Facts -- Battling Influenza


25 Experts' Advice to Eat More Fish Tainted by Conflict of Interest

Chili-Based Anaesthetic Kills Pain, But Not Your Other Senses

Shift Happens Again -- Facts You Need To Know

Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus


27 Could You Live Longer Than 140 Years?

When Comedians Understand Health Truth You Know We Are Making Progress

Ron Paul is No Longer on the Fringe -- Here's Why

A "Scrumdiddlyumptious" Chilled Mediterranean Soup!

Fats and Meats are Not the Cause of Prostate Cancer

7 Effective Ways to Deal with Criticism



30 Are Science and the Biotech Industry Sleeping in the Same Bed?

Children Should NOT Use Cell Phones, But My Today Show Interview Does Not Support That

If You Want to Eat Healthy, This is a Better Place to Get Your Food Than Your Supermarket

The Secret of How to Be Happy

How Do You Know if You Have Lead Poisoning?

As Predicted, Wal-Mart Now Dominates Organic Food Market