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December 2007
1 Do High-Fat Foods Disrupt Your Body Clock?

Will 'Cweet' Be the Next Big Sweetener?

How to Never Lose Contact With Your Friends Again!

An Herb Flavored Olive Oil to Tickle Your Fancy!

Too Much Sugar Kills Your Sex Life

Drugs Are Not the Answer for ADHD



4 Parents Told to Get Kids Vaccinated or Go to Jail

Vitamin C Gives Staying Power to Antioxidants

How to Go Paperless: Bury the Paper Before it Buries You Alive

Food Industry Defends Carbon Monoxide Use in Meat

Virulent Form of Cold Virus Spreads in the U.S.


6 U.S. STD Rates On the Rise

Cranberry Sauce: Good for What Ails You

2-Year-Old Knows Geography Better Than 97% of Population

U.S. Presidential Candidate Most in Favor of Raw Milk

Merck Unblinds AIDS Study


8 How Many of These Ridiculous "Disorders" Do YOU Suffer From?

Black Cohosh Stops Breast Cancer Growth

Homeschoolers LOVE Ron Paul

A Homemade Rosemary Flavored Vinegar That's Absolutely Divine!

The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History

Top Seven Weirdest Houses



11 Beware About Drinking Out of Your Hotel Room Glasses!

Ten Strangest Diseases in Medical History

Awesome Video You Need to See Before You Start Holiday Shopping

Nine Ways to Help You Stop Snoring

Solar Energy Soon to be Cheaper Than Coal


13 12 Top Places You Risk Getting Infected

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: What Are Drugmakers Hiding?

The World's Weirdest Deaths

How to Eliminate Chaos in Your Life and Work

Your Immune System Can Keep Cancer Dormant


15 Outlandishly Simple Plan Could Save 600,000 Lives Per Year...

Is Your Toothpaste Really "Natural"?

Why "Organic" Farmed Salmon is Causing a Nasty Smell

Libertarians -- A Force to Be Reckoned With

Eat Grains and Sugars if You Want to go Blind



18 One of the Most Bizarre Faces You Will Ever See

Update on Raw Almond Controversy

How to Properly Use a Kitchen Knife

Finally -- Explanations for Many Optical Illusions

Deceptive and Ridiculous Application of the Organic Label


20 Can Cell Phones Literally Kill You?

How to Flush Away Sinus Ills

Ridiculously Funny Medical Stories

Doctors Are Clueless About Medication for Kids

African Plant Helps Fight Fat

Ron Paul Interview With Wolf Blitzer


22 Losing Your Hearing? Here's How to Restore Your Hearing Naturally

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Wake Up America -- Open Your Eyes

Try Doing This With Your Flat Panel TV

Thousands Have Gotten Sick from Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Is Honey More Effective Than Cough Medicine?



25 'Tis the Most Beautiful Time of the Year...

Simple $3 Idea Eliminates Intense Pain and Paralysis

Best Christmas Movie Ever Available on YouTube

Finally -- Probiotics Becoming More Popular

Lawsuit Against Splenda Moves Forward


27 Obesity Linked to Bad Bones

Does Monthly Fasting Help Your Heart?

Why it Doesn't Pay to Get Straight A's in College

Sunlight May Save Kids' Sight

How to Eliminate America's Addiction to Oil


29 Many Toys Contain Dangerous Chemicals

Are Antibiotics Useless for Sinus Infections?

If Michangelo's David Lived In the US Today

Mmmm! Absolutely Yummy-licious Persimmon Salad with Raw Honey!

Coming Soon -- Microwave Gun That Can Destroy Your Car From 600 Feet Away

Can An Ancient Hunger Cure Help the Modern World?