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March 2008
1 Are Vitamin Supplements a Bad Idea for Cancer Patients?

A New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death

Ten Simple Tricks to Help You Find Things Better With Google

A Delightfully, Delectable Way to have Your Kefir and Eat It Too

Recent Autism Studies Do Not Actually Vindicate Vaccines

How to Make Yourself INSANELY Useful



4 Why Don't The French Get Fat?

USDA Orders Largest Meat Recall in U.S. History

A Solar Grand Plan

In Defense of Food: Nutrition, Food Science and the American Diet

Loss of Bees Threatens Ice Cream


6 You Will Never Guess the Surprising Cause of Most Heart Attacks

Weston A. Price Foundation to FDA: Soy is No Health Food

How to Fail at Practically Anything

Cancer and the Bacterial Connection

Non-Stick Cookware Continues to Prove Its Toxicity


8 Beware of Lemon Slices in Your Restaurant Drinks

Probiotics Protect Top Athletes

Here's a Treat that Will Warm You All the Way Down to Your Toes

How to Apply Proven Business Techniques to Your Home Life



11 One Woman's Astonishing Experiment With Aspartame

FDA Approved the Wrong Drug Plant

Embarrassingly Stupid Americans -- One in Five Believes Sun Revolves Around Earth

Can't-Miss Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos


13 Latest "Healthy" Soda Swindle -- Pepsi Raw

John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Ron Paul

Strokes Triple Among Middle-Aged Women

Pioneering Midwife Touts "Orgasmic Birth"


15 Vitamin D in Your Skin

Tamiflu's Effects On Your Brain

What Illusions Tell You About Your Eyes and Mind

This is a Hearty Winter Parsnip Soup You'll Want to Make Over and Over Again

More Dairies Go Raw as Consumers Learn the Benefits of Unpasteurized Milk

Zinc Can Cure Diarrhea



18 Ridiculous -- and Ineffective -- Diets

Girl's Flu Death Happened Within Hours

How to Work Less and Get More Accomplished

Ginkgo Biloba Protects Your Memory

How Cellphone Radiation Affects Your Cells


20 Treating Cancer -- With Herbs

Immune Systems Increasingly On Attack

The Selling of Organic

Can Greasy Hair Protect Your Lungs?

Smile! Some Pictures to Brighten Your Day


22 U.S. Government Concedes That Mercury Causes Autism

Television: A One-Eyed Invader in the Bedroom

7 Secrets of Being Popular

Skipping Breakfast Can Make You Obese

Sound the Alarm -- Stop the Dangerous, Drug-Promoting "Mothers Act"



25 Major New Discovery to Predict Colon Cancer Earlier

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mixes Recalled

How to Tell Difficult Truths So People Thank You

Gut Bacteria Mix Predicts Obesity

Drinking Green Tea Can Help You Digest Better


27 Even If You Live in Sub Tropical Environments You Can Be Vitamin D Deficient

Why Fermented Soy Is Better

6 Simple Strategies to Stay Happy

Make Your Very Own Scrumptious Morning Probiotic Drink

Can Anise Cure What Ails You?


29 Hydrogen: Radical New Gas Alternative That Your Kids Will be Using

Diesel Fumes Damage Your Brain

Zap Your Butterflies When Speaking in Public

Broccoli Boosts Aging Immune Systems

A Fake Group Fights for Monsanto's Right to Deceive You