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July 2008
1 How to Find Inner Peace Amid Outer Chaos

How I Lost Massive Amounts of Weight Instantly

Whole Body Vibration Does Your Bones and Muscles Good

Why Does the Media Completely Misunderstand Raw Food Diets?

Nature's Most Beautiful Patterns on Butterfly Wings


3 Can You Avoid a Sudden Death Like Tim Russert's?

Why is the U.S. Spending More Than $1 Trillion for Drugs?

Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day

Sunshine is Nature's Disease Fighter


5 Researchers Take Drug Company Pay, Then Lie About it

How to Make Profound and Lasting Change

Is Immortality in Your Future?

How Most Americans Were Conned Into Drinking Bottled Water



8 Simple Strategy to Remain Happy

Helpful Bacteria May be Hiding in Your Appendix

How to Be On Time Every Time

Beware of New Media Brainwashing About High Fructose Corn Syrup


10 Four Out of Five Sunscreens May Be Hazardous to Your Health

8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take

No One is Safe From Chemical Overload

Stop Trying to Be Liked and Start Being You

Sunlight Can Cut Your Risk of Death in Half

Prescriptions For a Healthy House


12 Are There Deadly Superbugs in Your Pork?

A Fascinating Interactive Web Site

How Meditation Changes Your Brain



15 Do You Think the FDA Will Approve of This?

Statin Use Has Jumped 150 Percent

How to Go From Sedentary to Running in Just Five Steps

How to Make Yourself Indispensable

U.S. Government Ignores Flu Vaccine Death


17 Energy Devices That Can Diagnose and Treat Your Illnesses

Three Green Beauty Alternatives

Home Depot Recycles Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Why Low Cholesterol is NOT Good For You

Amazing Projects of Dubai


19 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes Now Strikes One in Four Americans

How to Admit Your Mistakes

75 Ways to Think Your Way Into Good Health

Mayonnaise Won't Ruin Your Picnic

Raw Strawberry Yogurt-Kefir with ProOptimal Whey



22 Toxic Metals: The Reason You Still Feel Sick

How Broccoli Fights Cancer

20 Ways to Attack Shyness

Avastin: Why Does This Cancer Drug Cost So Much?

Why are Cholesterol Drugs Being Recommended for 8 Year Olds?


24 Ever Wonder Why Homeopathy Works?

Why Tofu Wrecks Your Brain

How to 'Peel' Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling

Green Tea Protects Against Heart Disease

How to Shop for Organic Foods Without Breaking Your Budget

Vaccine Nation


26 Where Starbucks Went Wrong

How the Government is Causing the Global Food Crisis

100 Great Tips for Increasing Your Gas Mileage

The New Tragic Measure of True Happiness in Africa

Surprising Toxic Waste From Your Electronics



29 What's In That? How Food Affects Your Behavior

Cargill Rolls out Stevia-Based Sweetener

What is Wrong with Environmentalism?

How Tea Can Keep Your Mind Young


31 12 Babies Die During Vaccine Trials in Argentina

13 Things Your Waiter Won't Tell You

Underwater Astonishments

Hidden Dangers of Riding a Bicycle

The Terrible Truth About Plastic You Never Knew