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August 2008

2 Hundreds of Tips for Turning Your Financial Life Around

Men Who Fail to Do Testicular Self-Exam (TSE) Risk Dying

Pomegranate Ranked Healthiest Fruit Juice

The CDC Vastly Underestimates the Autism Epidemic



5 Fungus Causing Cancer? -- A Novel Approach to a Leading Cause of Death

Does Too Much Sun Really Cause Melanoma?

Warren Buffett's 7 Secrets for Living a Happy and Simple Life

Low-Carb Diet Beats Low-Fat Diet

Oxygen Therapy for Migraine Headaches


7 Daily Sunlight Can Keep Cancer Away

U.S. Paying Through the Nose for Poor Quality Health Care

Major Confusion on How to Do Breast Checks

The Little-Known Dangers of Motrin


9 Just Say No to Nuts During Pregnancy

11 Scientists Killed or Injured by Their Own Experiments

Poison Kiss: Lead in Lipstick

Calm Down ... or Else

SPECIAL UPDATE: Canadian Bill STILL Poses a Threat to Natural Health Consumers



12 Why Migraines Strike

Cancer Institute Warns of Cell Phone Risks

Omega-3's Protect Against Clogged Arteries

Exercise is the Heart's Fountain of Youth


14 Is Krill Oil 48 Times Better Than Fish Oil?

Your Granite Countertops Could Be Killing You

6 Ways to Overcome Your Shyness and Meet People

Some Carbs Turn to Fat Fast in Your Body


16 12 Foods You Don't Have to Buy Organic

New Research Helps You Make Better Decisions

Simple Way to Get Your Email Under Control

Is an Hour of Exercise, Five Times a Week, the Only Way to Lose Weight?

21st Century Explanation for Your Kids' Behavior Problems



19 Goodbye Cancer, Hello Sun Exposure?

Are Nanofoods the Next Consumer Nightmare?

What Company Earns $1500 Every Second?

Why Tap Water Can Harm Your Kids

U.S. Food Portions: Monuments to Decadence?


21 Top Ten Spices That Defend You Against Aging

Eggs are the Better Breakfast Choice

Ways to Die in the Summer Olympics

Are Secret Vaccinations Killing Soldiers?

Will There Someday Be an Exercise Pill?


23 Ten Healthiest Foods Under $1

A Good Sleep Helps You Become Smarter

Hilarious Signs

Broccoli Reverses Diabetes Damage

Shocking Olympic Competitor



26 Dogs Can Read Their Owner's Minds

Why Just One Cigarette Can Get You Hooked

How Contraceptive Pill Influences Partner Choice


28 How Hospitals are Killing ER Patients

Will All Americans Be Fat in 40 Years?


30 When a Little Poison is Good for You

Is Your Organic Food Really Organic?

7 Online Blunders That Threaten Your Identity

How Sunlight Can Improve Your Mental Health

Are Cell Phones the Next Cigarettes?