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October 2008

2 Big Pharma Ties Want to Shut Down Vaccine 'Conspiracy Theories'

Does Thinking Make You Fatter?

Food Safety's Dirty Little Secret


4 A Strict Mediterranean Diet Offers a Big Health Boost

When the Cure is Worse Than the Disease

You Can Make this Kefir Recipe In Just Minutes!



7 The Evidence Against Soy

5 Ways to Keep BPA Out of Your Food

How to Never Forget Anything Again

Gardasil is Dangerous As Well As Unproven

World's Most Evil Company Debates Michael Pollan at Google


9 Honey Kills Bacteria That Cause Chronic Sinusitis

How to Use Your Camera As An Easy Way to Save Money

How Much Chocolate Should You Eat?


11 What the Chemical Industry Doesn't Want You to Know about Everyday Products

Pennsylvania University System Snuffs Out All Smoking

Why Multitasking May Not Help You

Friendly Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes

Cell Phones Raise Children's Risk of Brain Cancer 500 Percent

Bet You've Never Had a Smashing Good Soup Like This One!



14 'Detoxifying' Foot Pads are a Scam

How Omega-3 Fats Offer New Hope for Depression

10 Skills You Need to Succeed at Almost Anything

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Will Wreck Your Muscles

Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer


16 Caffeine Experts Call for Warning Labels for Energy Drinks

How to Set Priorities and Get the Job Done

American Kids are the Most Medicated in the World

Dramatic Example of How Health Truth May Take Up to a Century to be Accepted

New Tricks to Help Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder...


18 Ancient Healing Art Becoming More Popular

Scientists Warn Congress About Cell Phones and Cancer

How to be a Brilliant Conversationalist

Doctors Told to Curb Use of Ritalin in Hyperactive Children

For the First Time in History, More People Text Than Phone

Impress Your Guests with this Smashing Good Salad Dressing!



21 Vitamin D: The One Vitamin That is Vital for Your Heart

What You Don't Know About the U.S. Bailout

8 Essential Skills They Didn't Teach You In School

Guess Who Funds High Fructose Corn Syrup Studies?

New Regulations Mandate Country of Origin Labels


23 The Worst Cereals in the World

Shocking Loss of Freedom in U.S.

10 Productivity Myths That Hold You Back

Thinking Differently About Health Care


25 Prominent Scientist Warns of HPV Vaccine Dangers

The Importance of Scheduling Downtime

Why You are More Creative After You Sleep

Why You Want to Avoid Using Chemical Disinfectants

Ancient Trick Eliminates Jet Lag

A Special Secret Ingredient Turns this Hearty Fall Soup into a 'Tummy-licious' Sensation!



28 Why the U.S. Economy is Going to Get Much Worse

Fans Lower Risk of Sudden Baby Death

Over 1,300 Time-Saving Shortcuts to Speed Your Computer Use

Ancient Chinese Salad Plant Yields Cancer-Killing Compound

Resveratrol Also Found in Dark Chocolate and Cocoa


30 Are You Sabotaging Your Plan to Exercise?

Men's Brains, Women's Brains

School Bans Birthday Sweets

Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP): This Pain Relief is 8 Times More Effective Than Morphine

Gobble Up Your Very Own Guilt-Free Dessert!