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December 2008

2 How Yeast Can Create Havoc in Your Life and How to Address it

Is There a Toxic Secret in Victoria's Secret Bras?

The Little Known Risks of Working From Home

Chemotherapy Can do More Harm Than Good

What You Need to Know About Farmed Fish


4 How Sunshine and Vitamin D Can Help You Eliminate Mercury

9 Wonderful Ways to Get Started in the World of Personal Productivity

Why Mammography is NOT an Effective Breast Cancer Screen

Fluoride Exposure May Contribute to Early Puberty


6 6 Ways to Reduce Inflammation -- Without a Statin Drug

Health Risks of Hybrid Cars Have Been Misrepresented by the Media

Little Things to Help You Succeed in Life

Conflict of Interest Rampant in Child Drug Prescriptions

Major Threat to Human Fertility and Very Existence of Human Life on Earth

A Yummy Iced Latte Packed with a Flavor Punch Minus the Buzz!



9 Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Threat to Your Baby

Prominent Physician Advises Against Flu Shots

How to Improve Your Luck

The Hidden Dangers of Taking More Than One Medication at Once


11 The Toxic Origins of Autism

High-Protein Meals Can Help the Overweight Burn Fat

How Your Keys Can Be Stolen With a Camera

Should Cancer Drugs Be Used to Treat Diabetics?


13 Simple Change Could Reduce Obesity in U.S. by 20 Percent

How Washington Hospitals Unleashed an MRSA Epidemic

Why Vaccine-Injured Kids are Rarely Compensated

How You Will Search Your Computer in the Future

Scenes of Wonder from Antarctica

A Divinely Spicy Thai Soup Infused with Heavenly Flavors!



16 The Top 10 Ways to Stay Energized

Stevia: The 'Holy Grail' of Sweeteners?

Unconscionable Drugging of Our Children


18 Amazing Animal Videos

Some Cancers May Just Go Away

Vitamin D: The One Vitamin That is Vital for Your Heart


20 The Route to Obesity Passes Through Your Tongue

Is Vitamin D the New Solution for Colon Cancer?

Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Music for No Charge on Pandora

Acupuncture is Just as Effective Without Needles

The Shocking History of Human Medical Experimentation in the United States

Take a Trip to Greece with This Refreshingly Yummy Salad!



23 Important Cod Liver Oil Update

10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home

The Dangers of Aspartame

Unbelievable Correspondence With CDC About Vaccine Safety

Amazing Kinetic Illusions in Op Art


25 Special Holiday Bonus -- to Make You Laugh and Weep With Joy!

Top 10 Computer Annoyances and How to Fix Them

How to Avoid Being Fooled at the Supermarket


27 Important Vitamin D Update

The Food Industry Challenges That Obama Needs to Address

The Coming Cancer Explosion

Why It's Important to Know if Your Doctor Exercises

Awaken Your Taste Buds with a Truly Aromatic Experience!



30 Is the 'Superfood' Acai Worth the Price?

Just How Bad Was the U.S. Economy in 2008?

Shocking Surprises Still in Store in the U.S. Mortgage Meltdown

FDA Claims Toxin in Infant Formula is No Big Deal