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August 2010


3 Anticholinergic Drugs: Studies Prove That These Drugs Make Your Brain Stop Working

Beware: 'Gluten-Free' Foods are Often Contaminated

New Warning About Excessive “Agent Orange” Toxin in Baby Formula and Breast Milk…

Pfizer Officials Sued by Investors


5 Ancient Food Ingredients: What's Old is New

Raids are Increasing on Farms and Private Food-Supply Clubs

Which Infant Formulas Contain Hidden Toxic Chemicals?


7 Is This the Least Expensive Way to Prevent Illness Without Supplements or Drugs?

Raw Honey Works Better Than Drugs for Herpes!

Are Household Cleaners Linked to Breast Cancer?

How You’re Being CONNED into Funding Vaccines for the Poor…

What If You Went through a Mastectomy, Only to Discover Your Diagnosis Was False?



10 The Cholesterol Myth That Is Harming Your Health

The Ultimate Food Betrayal: How Big Biotech Rigged the Research on GM Foods

Targeting Teens for Gastric Bands

Phthalates Cause Inflammation in At-Risk Babies


12 Caution: Sports Stadium Food May be Loaded with Salmonella and Rat Poop

Can Moderate Exercise Actually Eliminate Acid Reflux?

Emerging Research Suggests Heart Disease Could Have a Natural Fix!


14 The Toxic Five: Why Are They Still in Our Food?

Enzyme that Reverses Sun Damage Discovered

The War Over Raw Milk Heats Up

The Ominous Truth Behind Cosmetic Beauty Claims…


16 Rheumatoid Arthritis: Painful Debilitating Disease More Devastating Than Previously Recognized

Next Major Toxic Hazard that Can Ruin You and Your Children’s Health

17 If You Want to Age Gracefully - Don't Eat Fructose

More Than One-in-Four Americans Now Obese

18 The Hidden Truth: Why Government Wants Your Kids on Cholesterol Drugs…

Entertaining Expert Lecture on Vitamin D

19 Active Isolated Stretching (AIS): Failure to Include this Will Sabotage Your Exercise Program

Important Vitamin Deficiency Linked to Arterial Stiffness

20 Physical Activity Reduces the Risk of Early Death

Mighty Rise of Food Revolution and What it Means to You

21 Flu Plan Scandal Ahead – An Urgent Warning

Animals Can Harbor MRSA

The Internet CAN Help You Keep Your Weight Off


23 Lack of Sleep Can Make You Obese and Forgetful

The Medical Scandal that’s Robbing Cancer Patients of Their Right to Life

Three Little Words that Can Change Your Day for the Better

24 The Foods You Shouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole

Media Now Promoting Brain Eating Vaccines

Why Dr. Snyderman's Whooping Cough Vaccine Rant is a Total SHAM…

25 Salt: Avoiding This "Forbidden Food" Could Make You Moody

How to Protect Yourself from these Five Pervasive Toxins

26 The Alarming Reason Why More Girls are Starting Puberty Early

Vitamin K: This Could Be Even BIGGER Than the Vitamin D Discovery…

27 Cancer's Favorite Food - Found in Everything You Eat?

The Power of Biological Light in Healing

28 The Great Supplement Hoax: Is There Anyone Left We Can Trust?

Arthritis Patients Benefit from Weight Training


30 Eight Foods that Could be Disastrous for Your Health

Salmonella Outbreaks Spur Nationwide Egg Recall

31 Don't Avoid Eating Chicken Because it's Been Mislabeled as 'DIRTY'

How Dirty Electricity Causes Diseases