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September 2010
1 Could This be the Key Factor Spiking the Rise in ADHD?

Antacids Pose Unique Dangers for Seniors

2 Feeling Fatigued or Irritable? There's a 1 in 4 Chance You Suffer from Diabetes...

Why Do These Drugs Fail Miserably at Heart Attack Prevention?

Mammogram: The Cancer Test that's a Death Trap…

3 Blood on our Farms: Is Monsanto Responsible for 1 Suicide Every 30 Minutes?

Media Finally Starts to Catch on to Gluten Free

4 How Chlorella Flushes Heavy Toxins from Your Body

Who Knew Vitamin D Could Prevent Mold Allergies?


6 Could Optimizing Your Vitamin D Levels Actually Reduce Cancer and Diabetes by 50%?

The NEW Battle Strategy to Get Rid of Mercury Once and for All in Dentistry

7 If You Have High Levels of Sugar - You Have a 65% Higher Risk of Alzheimer's

Six Tips for Six Pack Abs

Why Doesn’t the U.S. Ban a Vaccine that’s Killing Children Overseas?

Baby Deer Wants Fido’s Toy …

8 The Dark Side of the China Study Story Supporting Vegetarianism…

With Recalls at an All-Time High, Meet Big Pharma's Newest Scam

When and How Should You Warm Up, Stretch, Exercise, and Cool Down?

9 The Big “Secret Price-Gouging Swindle” Drug Companies Will Never Admit…

Does Music Make You Exercise Harder?

10 If You Love Your Kids, Please Do Not Make This Mistake

A Most Unlikely Babysitter for an Orphaned Orangutan

Hospital Errors Continue to Kill Patients

11 Alkaline Water: If You Fall for This "Water Fad" You Could Do Some Major Damage

Why Your Heart Attack Risk May Increase This Winter …


13 WARNING: If You Do This Common Type of Exercise – Stop Now and Replace it With Interval Cardio…

Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones?

14 Why Do Researchers Recommend this Common Drink that Can Poison Your Brain?

Are Organic Eggs Safer?

15 Aspartame: Why This Toxic Sweetener is FAR Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup…

10-Fold Rise in Obesity Surgery

Women: Breastfeeding Helps Slash Your Diabetes Risk in Half

16 Botox Found Guilty of Illegal Marketing and Promotion

Exercise Can Override 'Fat Genes'

17 Angelina Jolie - The Vegan Diet that Almost Killed Her

Sneezing Baby Panda

Increasing Selenium Intake Decreases Bladder Cancer Risk

18 Soy: This "Miracle Health Food" Has Been Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer

Drinking Water Proven to Help Weight Loss

Pregnant? Why You Need to DEMAND Vitamin D Testing


20 12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe…

America’s Newest Drug Addicts: How Legal Drugs are Destroying America…

21 Ditch Non-Stick Cookware to Protect Yourself from Cancer and High Cholesterol

World's Bravest Kitty

H1N1 Swine Flu Even Milder than Seasonal Strains

22 This Type of Meat Contains a "Harmless" Ingredient Which Boosts Your Odds of Disease

Flawed Study, Bad Science, Outrageous Conclusion

23 Why 80% of U.S. Dentists are 150 Years BEHIND the Times…

24 Oral Bisphosphonate Osteoporosis Drugs Could Nearly Double Your Risk of Cancer

Amazing but True - Monkey Babysits Indian Baby

Fluoride: Don’t Ever Drink This During Pregnancy…

25 Nearly 30,000 Americans Get Cancer From This One Procedure EVERY Year: Will You?

Accommodating Resistance with Tubes & Bands (Part 1) A novel approach to improve a serious flaw!

How Drug Companies Bribe Doctors to Suck You Into Their Web…


27 This "Breakthrough" One Page Chart Will Help You Slim Your Waistline

Statins Increase Your Risk of Foodborne Illness

28 Could Deficiency in B Vitamins be the Key Factor Spiking the Rise in Dementia and Alzheimer's?

Should American Women Learn to Give Birth at Home?

29 Deadlier than AIDS: Why Are Antibiotics Allowed to Continue in the U.S.?

One in Six Patients Report Getting Wrong Diagnosis

Bigger than Any Transplant Story You’ve Heard Before…

30 Government Funding Drug Companies to Make Vaccines Quicker

93 Percent of Women Wash Their Hands Versus Only 77 Percent of Men