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October 2010
1 High Fructose Corn Syrup: This Harmful Food Product is Changing its Name - Don't Get Swindled

Chemicals in Indoor Swimming Pools Increase Cancer Risk

2 Want a Good Night's Sleep? Then Never Do These Things Before Bed

The Big Secret Commercial Water Companies Hope You Never Discover…

Most Americans Skip Fruits and Vegetables


4 GMO Soy: This Supermarket "Health Food" Killed These Baby Rats in Three Weeks

Great Video of Injured Baby Hummingbird Being Nurtured Back to Health

Study Finds Nutrition and Exercise Improve Quality of Life

5 Personal Trainer Says: Most People are Wasting Their Time Working Out

Hard-Hitting TV Ad Hits McDonald’s Squarely in the Gut

Don’t Eat These Beans If You’re Thinking of Having Children

6 Depression Breakthrough: A Proven "Better Than Drugs" Solution with Positive Side Effects

If You Love Eating Fish - Now is the Time to Stop GMOs

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Ruining Your Heart?

7 GM Foods More Dangerous for Children than Adults

Mild Memory Loss is Not a Part of Normal Aging

8 Eliminate Fructose and Watch How This Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Why Did Officials Approve this Bt-toxin Corn Chip that Creates a 'Pesticide Factory' in Your Gut?

World's Scariest Job?

9 GMO: This Toxic Food is BANNED in Europe - But They're Treating US Like Boneheads

The World’s Most Dangerous Spider!

Beat Your Sugar Addiction NOW!


11 Banned in Europe for Causing 83,000 Heart Attacks - Are You Taking Avandia?

Extraordinary People - The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

The Healing Power of Probiotics Impresses Researchers

12 Half a Teaspoon of This Each Day Can Optimize Cholesterol Levels...

Amazing Guitarist!

Recent Barbaric Experiments in Medicine

13 Got Thyroid Problems? Then Stop Consuming Soy

Cute Little Girl with the Catchiest Dance You Ever Saw

Twins Die Minutes after Measles Vaccination

14 World’s Scariest Bridges

Is Diet the Key to Living Long? Find out from World’s Oldest Living Man

15 If You Eat Factory Farmed Eggs, You are Being Ripped Off

The Breast Cancer Screening Mistake Millions Make…

What is In the Flu Vaccine that Can Cause Infertility?

16 When Never EVER to Use Fish Oil

List of Foods High in Potassium

FDA Sees Possible Risk of Fatal Bowel Problem With GSK Vaccine


18 Warning: Please Avoid Feeding Manganese to Your Child

Employees Caught Dancing on the Job

Major Drug Company in Hot Seat Again

19 Avoid This After Exercise if You Want to Drop Pounds

Food Rules for Healthy People and Planet

More Insanity: Flu Shot "May Prevent Heart Attack"

20 Good Sleep: The 'Lazy' Person's Way to Slim Down

Is Organic Food Really Worth the Extra Cost?

GMO Poisons Found in Indiana Waterways

21 If You Aren't Wealthy - This Mistake Could Ruin You

Breast Cancer Rates Fell When Regular Hormone Therapy Decreased

22 Coconut Oil: This Cooking Oil Is a Powerful Virus-Destroyer and Antibiotic…

Cell Phone Use Can Double Your Risk of Brain Cancer

A Lesson from Mom: Don’t Be a ‘Good’ Patient

23 What Has Better Protein than Meat, Fish, or Eggs?

BUSTED! Food Magazine’s 6 Biggest Lies about Food Are Fibs Themselves

Good News – Evil Monsanto Finally Reaping Its Just Desserts


25 Eating Fast Food Just Twice a Week Can Make You Gain Ten Pounds

Comic Relief from Doctors that Put You to Sleep for Surgery

U.S. Ranks 49th in Life Expectancy, First in Health Care Costs

26 How to Kill a Cold, Starve a Fever -- and When You Absolutely MUST See a Doctor

Clay Dyer – the Most Inspirational Fisherman Ever

If You Use Herbs and Supplements, You've Been Betrayed by Lawmakers. A HIGHLY URGENT Message...

27 One of the Worst Parenting Mistakes You Can Make

Amazing Jump Down a Mountain

Many 'All Natural' Foods Are Actually Heavily Processed

28 Ugly Story Proves the Media is Lying to You About Vaccines

Make this Common Mistake While Sleeping and Risk Gaining Weight

29 Vitamin C: The "Miracle Nutrient" that Cured Man on the Brink of Death

How to Brand a Disease - and Sell a Cure

Is the Reason for Bees Dying in Colony Collapse Disorder Finally Solved?

30 New Warning About Olive Oil

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sound

Meridia: This Weight Loss Drug Yanked from Market