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January 2011


3 Caution on Fructose Consumption: Do This and You'll Likely Gain 15 Pounds Next Year

Fainting Kittens

Could BPA Be the Reason Why Many Women are Infertile?

4 Breaking News - Why Exercising at This Time of Day is FAR Better than Any Other Time...

Probable Carcinogen in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities

5 Cardio: The Popular Exercise That Tears Down Your Muscles Rather Than Building Them Up

New Evidence Identifies Strong Cell Phone Cancer Link

Dogs are Awesome Too

6 Problems with Digestion? Processed Foods May Be to Blame...

7 Breaking News: Popular Cancer Drug "Avandia" Declared More Harmful Than Helpful

What’s Really to Blame for California’s Whooping Cough Epidemic?

Polar Bears and Dogs Playing

8 Why 1/3 of the Population Gets Sick by Restricting This Vital Food Group

Warning: Fluoride in Your Water Can Lower Your Child's IQ


10 Prolonged Exposure to Light Boosts Tour Risk of Cancer

“Until This… I’ve not had 2 Pain Free Nights in a Row Since 1991”

Puppies vs. Spring Door Stops

11 How to Solve Nearly Any Illness - Without Drugs

Falling in Love Only Takes About a Fifth of a Second

Yeast Infection Afflicts 75% of Women – How to STOP It Now

12 US Government to Europe: Give This to Your People Or There Will be "Some Pain"

Cordless Phone EMFs Trigger Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

13 Placebos Work -- Even Without Deception

Scientific American Finds U.S. Pig Farms May Be 'Flu Factories'

14 Resist Giving Prescription Drugs to Your Child Even if Your Doctor Recommends it

How Coke and Pepsi Are Buying Off Charities

15 Bottled Water Poisons Your Body One Swallow at a Time

Baldness Drug Risks Men's Sexual Health

Kitty Tries Out Cardboard Tube Top


17 Foods You Should Stop Eating if You Want to Age Gracefully

UK Finally Makes Smart Decision to Protect Children… Why Doesn’t the US?

Kitty Plays Foosball

18 Captured on Tape: 60 Minutes Exposes the Maker of the #1 Most Fatal Drug of 2009

WikiLeaks Exposes Pfizer's Strong-arm Tactics to Cover up Deaths of Innocent Children

Eating Fish Oil With Mercury While Pregnant Can Lead to Infant Deafness, Blindness or Mental Retardation

19 Caution: Cell Phone Use Can Double Your Risk of Getting a Brain Tumor

Now the FDA is Going After Vitamin C!

The Amazing Skidboot

20 Tragically, Average Child in U.S. Gets Seven Radiation Scans

The Best Bomb Detectors for Airports - Why Aren't We Using Them?

21 The 6 Worst Brands of Bottled Water You Can Buy

Most Americans are Delusional About Healthy Eating

22 Fluoride: The Toxin So Dangerous - Even CDC Now Warns Against Consumption by Infants

If You Eat Processed Meats, Are You Risking Your Life?

Cure Your Cravings by Ignoring This Widely Followed Conventional Advice


24 Want to Boost Your Metabolism? Try These 3 Things Today...

Pepsi's Answer to 'Eat Natural': Snackify Beverages and Drinkify Snacks

Sophia's Battle with the Dog Door

25 Mass Death of Birds and Fish: Is There a Cover Up?

Cancer Sucks -- One Final Adoption

Happy Wake Up

26 The Quickest, Easiest Way to Help Detoxify Your Body

Light Therapy Promising for Treating Major Depression

Dog Sledjacking

27 These Foods and Nutritional Deficiencies Can Make You Depressed or Violent

New Study Shows Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Strokes

28 The Smoking Time Bomb Sitting Next to Your Brain - Has Its Moment Finally Arrived?

The Secrets of Never Getting Sick

Staticky Cat vs. Balloon

29 Water: The Single Most Important Element for Your Health

The Easiest Way to Zap off Those Excess Pounds in Just 6 Weeks


31 Broccoli: The Crunchy Snack that Fights Cancer

Penguin Goes Shopping