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February 2011
1 Want Firmer, Flatter Abs? Stop Doing Sit-ups - Use This “Hand Trick” Instead

Statins Raise Stroke Risk

2 These Popular Antidepressant Drugs Can Make You Violent -- Avoid Them

Roundup Herbicide Could Threaten the Future of Food -- Destroying the Entire Food Chain...

Life Coaching Tips: The Feline Way

3 Do You Make This Common Mistake When Your Child is Sick?

These Types of Children Have an Increased Risk of Suicidal Thoughts

4 Nearly 250,000 Deaths From ONE Common Mistake: Here's How to Protect Yourself

Overcoming the Most Common Sleep Disorder on Earth: Insomnia

A Friend Like You

5 Want Smarter Kids? Then Make Sure They Avoid This Widely Regarded Preventive...

99 Percent of Pregnant Women in U.S. Test Positive for Multiple Chemicals -- Including Banned Ones

CAPTA: The Child Abuse Law Which Could Destroy Your Reputation


7 One of the Most Dangerous 'Drinks' You Can Give Your Child

U.S. Government Starts its Own Drug Company

The Amazing Mimic Octopus

8 Neotame: The Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves…

Close Look at Shoe Inserts Raises a Welter of Doubts

9 Biggest Scam in World History Exposed

Powerful and Simple Tips to Help Lower Your EMF Risks

When Organic Isn't Really Organic - - How You're Being Duped

10 Magnesium Can Reduce Your Risk of Sudden Death

Health Claim Filed for Vitamin D

11 New Warning About Fluoride: It Can Damage Your Brain

Who is Smarter -- Man or Chimp?

Why the Media is Usually Wrong about Health Information

12 Lipitor: The Common Drug that Destroys Your Memory

This is What Really Hides in Taco Bell's 'Beef'

ALERT: Seizures Now Reported in Kids Receiving Flu Vaccine


14 Breast Cancer Breakthrough - Cut Your Risk of Death in Half

At Last You Can Opt Out of Receiving Yellow Pages and Help Save Trees

Is Your Home Supplied with Water Contaminated by Lead Pipes?

15 The Type of Meat that's Full of Cancer-Causing Toxins

Bonobos are Smarter than You Think

16 Power Plate: The World's Easiest Way to Exercise and Slim Your Waistline

Talking Mynah Bird

Raising Awareness about Electromagnetic Pollution

17 New Ways to Think About Grief

Words of Wisdom from One of the Greatest Fitness Leaders of All Time

18 60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child

How Parents Can Ruin their Children's Health

Talking Animals

19 Delusional Pepsi CEO Says Doritos are Not Bad for You

Why You Should Never Sleep With TV or Dim Lights On ...


21 If You're Tired, You are Probably Lacking This

Lymph Node Study Shakes Pillar of Breast Cancer Care

22 Krill Oil: The Surprisingly Potent Asian Food that Delivers Health Benefits More than Fish Oil

Parents: You Can Say No to Vaccinations, Right? Maybe Not for Much Longer...

23 Fluoride in Water Can SLOW Down Your Brain…

More Bone -- and Less Fat -- Through Exercise

24 14 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Are You or Your Family Eating Toxic Food Dyes?

25 4 of the Most Dangerous Myths About Washing Your Hands

Dogs Play the Piano

Can't Beat Food Cravings? Four Steps to Help You Kick Your Addictions

26 The Simple Fibromyalgia Treatment that’s Nearly Always Overlooked…

Dog & Elephant Friends

Tai Chi: This "Chinese Secret" Lowered Blood Pressure in 85% of Trials


28 Startling NEW Evidence: Too Much Soda Consumption Causes Your Neurons to Stagnate for 20 Minutes…

The Kleptomaniac Kitty

The Shaken Baby Syndrome More Horrific Than Falling Three Stories