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March 2011
1 How Your Eyes Can Predict Disease

The Perfect Cat Toy You Already Own

U.S. Study Links Pesticides to Parkinson's Disease

2 Curcumin: The Spice that Helps Prevent Cancer - Now Being Used to Repair Stroke Damage

Bilingual Parrot Sings

Is Your Supermarket Chicken Poisoning You?

3 Is Zinc Really Good for a Cold?

WORSE than a Diabetes Diagnosis...

4 What is the Most Dangerous Food Additive?

Cat Evicts Dog at Door

7 Foods for Better Sex

5 If You Eat Organic Food, Have You Just Been Betrayed?

Why It’s Economically Unfeasible for Most Doctors to Spend More Than 2 Minutes with You…

Monsanto's "Unlikely" New Business Partner -- A Name You Know Well...


7 Please Don't Visit This Type of Doctor Unless You Absolutely Have to

Crying Dog and Baby

Exercise: A Simple Way to Radically Increase Your Brain Power

8 Power Plate: This Russian Invention Blasts Away Excess Belly Pounds Twice as Fast…

Could You Grow Food Like this Family?

Men With High Levels of This Have a 4 Times LOWER Sperm Count…

9 Frequent Hunger and Sweet Cravings? You May Be Making This Common Mistake

The Dog and the Dolphin

Why Aren't GMO Foods Labeled?

10 Do the Chemicals That Turn Soda Brown Also Cause Cancer?

What Dose of Oral Vitamin D Do You Need to Prevent Cancer?

11 Antibiotics Overuse: What NOT to Do Before Your Next Dental Appointment…

Hamster Eating Popcorn on a Piano -- With His Own Song

Lavender Oil has Potent Antifungal Effect

12 Government 'Cops' Know They Can't Protect You From This...

Is Vitamin B12 Causing Your Chronic Cough?


14 Soy: This 'Beloved' Food Can Cause Allergic Reactions for Years - and Infertility for Generations!

45 Healthy Adults Used a Cell Phone for 50 Minutes - What Happened?

15 Taking These Common Painkillers? You're Playing "Russian Roulette" With Your Heart

16 The Sleeping Habit That Can Make You Hungrier, Plumper, and Forgetful

New Report Shows How You Get Addicted to Diet Soda

17 The First Thing to Do When You Stay in a Hotel Room

Vatican Radio is Told to Pay Out Over Transmitter Cancer Risk

18 New Studies Reveal Alarming Hidden Cause of Breast Cancer

Happiness is a Slow-Motion Kitten

Feds Tell Big Tobacco to Run Ad Campaigns Saying They Lied

19 Proper Dental Hygiene Accurately Reflects Your WHOLE Body's Health…

Are the OTC Drugs You are Taking a Hidden Cause of Memory Loss?

DHEA: Supplementing With THIS Hormone Can Lead to Tumors and Insomnia


21 These 150 Calories Go Straight to Your Bulging Belly - at the Rate of 1 Pound per Week...

The Puppy and the Ice Cube

Using Lasers to Kill Mosquitos that Cause Malaria

22 The Exercise Mistake Proven to Damage Your Heart

The Latest in Atrocious Supreme Court Decisions - Only 2 Justices Stand Up for Your Rights...

23 CLA: Is This the World's Most Effortless Way to Slim Your Waistline?

What to Know if You Ever Want to Eat Chicken Again…

24 Omega-3 Builds Muscle Mass in Cancer Patients

Give Your Children a Dose of DTP Vaccine and You Could Double Their Mortality Rate

25 Why 95% of Japanese May Not Suffer from Radioactive Iodine Exposure

The Ferret and the Guitar

Even 'BPA-Free' Plastics Leach Endrocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

26 Vitamin K: The Missing Nutrient to Blame for Heart Attacks and Osteoporosis (Nope - NOT Calcium or Vitamin D)

Health-Washing: Is 'Healthy' Fast Food for Real?

Shaken Baby Syndrome: More Horrific Than Falling Three Stories


28 The Hidden Diabetes Link No One is Telling You About...

Mercury-Containing Medicines: Harmful to Children

29 These 7 Foods are a MASSIVE Waste of Your Money...

Cats Playing Soccer

Breakfast is Not So G-r-r-reat When Your Only Option is Frosted Flakes

30 The Root Cause of Cancer Almost Universally Ignored by Doctors...

One Bowl. Two Cats

What are the 10 Things that Can Pack on Pounds?

31 How Not to Get Sick from a Flight

Foods with Scary Surprises