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April 2011
1 Skip the Doctor - Use 'Grandma's Home Remedies' for These 7 Ailments

Man Sings Puppies to Sleep

5 Tropical Fruits That Can Change Your Life

2 Scientists Vigorously Objected to This Food - Are You Eating It?

Soy Formula: The Popular Food You Should Never, Ever Feed Your Baby


4 Boost Your Metabolism, Curb Cancer, and Slash Blood Sugar with this Easy Culinary Trick

The 3 Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes in Their Fitness Warm-up ...

5 Falling for This "Urban Myth" Can Damage Your Joints

Don’t Let Your Child Be the Next Victim of This Deadly Gardasil Vaccine

6 Depression Is NOT a Chemical Imbalance in Your Brain – Here's Proof

African Gray Parrot Helping with the Laundry

The 7 Germiest Public Places

7 How to Turn a $10 Treatment into a $30,000 Drug Money-Maker

An Unusual Way of Detecting This Early Stage Cancer Without a Machine

8 Push-Ups: The Simple Exercise That Can Banish Your Bulging Belly

Cat Bumps Baby

Lack of Sleep Linked To Childhood Obesity

9 NEW! Self-Funded Study Found Huge Tumors From Aspartame

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Connected to Parkinson's Disease?

A Lesson Learned in Haiti Reveals a Deeper, Sinister Truth


11 7,000 Clinical Studies Concur - This Meat is a Clear Invitation to Cancer...

How Mom's Vegan Diet Unintentionally Killed Her Innocent Child

12 If You Can't Beat Depression, Your Gut Bacteria Could be the Reason

Is Gluten Making You Fat?

13 The Controversial Trick for Blasting Away Up to a Pound of Flab a Day

Dog in an RV

The Dark Side of the Rainbow of Food Dyes Being Used to Color Your Food

14 New Science of Living Longer and How to Achieve It.

How to Overcome Fear and Negativity Almost Instantly

15 Want to Burn Away Those Excess Pounds? Heed This Lesson From the Afghans...

Begging Kitty May Be the Cutest Cat on the Internet

Obesity Surgery Even Worse than Previously Thought

16 The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Are New 'Healthier' Potato Chips Really Any Better For You?


18 Telomeres: One of the Most Promising Anti-Aging Breakthroughs I've Ever Seen

Do You Practice These 4 Habits of Some of the World's Healthiest People?

19 Each Time You Are Exposed to Backscatter X-Ray Scan, You Boost Your Risk of Cancer

Your Gut Bacteria Linked to Your Risk for Heart Disease

20 Natural Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Woman Tells Dog to Bark More Softly

Crafty Food Labeling Tricks the Industry Hopes You NEVER Learn...

21 Hands-Free Faucets Can Harbor Nasty Germs

22 How Supermodel Gisele Bundchen "Infuriated Cancer Experts"...

Which is the Guilty Dog?

Is SuperSize Documentary Really Accurate?

23 Kelley Treatment: The Cancer Treatment so Successful - Traditional Doctors SHUT It Down

Soybeans: The Devastating Toll of This Popular Food on Rural Communities Worldwide

The Drug Industry May Be Bad, But THIS Industry May Be Even Worse for Your Health


25 FDA Warns About Benzocaine -- Do NOT Use This Pain Reliever... You Could Turn Blue and Die

Amazing Dog Rescue in Japan

Important Information on the Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies

26 Splenda: The 'Other' Sweetener That's Made from Sugar, but Is Closer to DDT

If a Shark Bit Off Your Arm, Would You See Your Life as a Blessing?

Turmeric: The Spice That Actually Doubles as a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

27 One of the BEST Breakfasts to Eat for Proper Elimination and a Toned, Muscular Body

Powerful Demonstrations of How Magnets Can Affect Your Brain

19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption

28 Why Do Moms Kill their Kids?

Half of Americans Use Supplements

29 Vaccine Can Wreck Your Immune System

I Just Met a Goose Named Maria

Monsanto Chemical Shown to Cause Infertility and Super Weeds

30 The Amazing Nutrient that Lowers Your Blood Pressure

To Shed Pounds, Put a Little Spring in Your Step

Slow, Stop and Even Reverse Aging - What to Do in 7 Simple Steps