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May 2011

2 Sugar: Eliminate This ONE Ingredient and Watch Your Health Soar

Mel's Hidden Talent

Popular Alzheimer's Drug Proven Ineffective

3 Antidepressants Cause 40,000 Deaths a Year - But They're Handed Out Like Candy

Deer Befriends Widowed Nursing Goose

What Are America's Most Popular Drugs?

4 CAFO and Meat Glue Products: The Meat You Should Never, Ever Eat...

14 Natural Items for Your Alternative First Aid Kit

5 Eight Foods You Should Almost Never, Ever Eat

Will Sleeping on Your Side Reduce Snoring?

How to Make Sure You Burn Calories for Hours after Your Workout

6 They Want to Ban Our Times Square Billboard Message

Self-Sufficient Dog

Why You Should Consider Stopping Fish Oil Now

7 Medical Marijuana: The Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer

Nearly Half of U.S. Meat Tainted With Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Is This Common Activity Poisoning You?


9 My New Warning: Avoid THESE Medical Treatments Whenever Possible

One in Four Over 45 Take Unnecessary Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs

10 The 7 Tricks Restaurants Play to Separate You From Your Money

Omega-3 Fats Shown to Decrease Risk of Dying from Inflammatory Diseases

11 Whey Protein Isolate: The Protein Powder You Should Never Buy

Kittens and Salsa

Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?

12 Does Inflammation Play a Role in Autism?

Always Question This Advice - Facts Which Will Make Your Blood Boil

13 Proper Recovery: Fail to do This AFTER a Workout and Your Whole Effort is Wasted

Useful Dog Tricks

More Nonsense -- Scientists Now Have Heart Attack Vaccine

14 Astaxanthin: The Most Important Carotenoid for Healthy Eyes (No, it's Not Carrots)

Sitting All Day: Worse For You Than You Might Think

What Happens When Your Government Chooses to Side-Step Scientific Truth?


16 The Breast Cancer Breakthrough that's Making Experts Angry

How This Normal Body Process Can Contribute to More Than 60 Diseases

17 NEW Research Explains 61% of Multiple Sclerosis Cases

Exercises to Improve Your Balance Crucial as You Age

18 Stevie Nicks Confesses: Common Remedy Turned My Hair Gray and Molted My Skin...

Hungry Kittens Want Food

What are the Most Common Food Infections?

19 Warning to Parents: Hepatitis B Vaccine Linked to Sudden Infant Death…

How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis

20 GMOs Should be Banned: Found in 80% of Supermarket Foods

Baby Duck Defeats Puppy

Your Waist Size Predicts Heart Disease Death Better than Your Weight

21 Sleep Apnea: This Sleeping Habit Can Destroy Your Health

Why You Need to Avoid Low-Fat Milk and Cheese

Cancer Breakthrough: 50-60% Success Rate, Cures the Incurable


23 Eating Mistakes that Age You

Cat Meets Ipad

New Research Shows Factory Farms are NOT the Way to Feed the World

24 Is it Time to Boycott This 'Anti' Cancer Charity?

This Important New Bill Could Transform Health Care, if it Passes -- But I Need Your Help!

25 Want to Look Younger? Take Astaxanthin Every Day for 2 Weeks

Kitten Vs. the Scary Thing

Acetaminophen: This Common OTC Painkiller Found Linked to Cancer

26 Can these Vegetables Fight Breast Cancer?

Girls Given Vitamin A at Birth May be 41% More Likely to Die

27 Fresh Evidence... Could 1 Teaspoon per Day Tame Your Allergy Problems?

Ultimate Dog Tease (Not Really)

New INSANE Idea to 'Prevent' Over-Weight Babies...

28 These 5 Exercise Mistakes Constitute a MASSIVE Waste of Your Time and Energy...

Terminal Cancer Patient Blogs His Own Death from Chemo and Radiation Hell

3 Toxins that Could Bewilder Your Child FOREVER with This Life-Altering Condition...


30 I Strongly Recommend Avoiding These 7 Foods

Really Weird-Looking Bird

These Undeniable Facts are Ignored by Mainstream Doctors

31 The Root Cause of Acne Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About

Beagle Learns to Catch with Paws

Study Found Toxin from GM Crops is Showing up in Human Blood