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July 2011
1 Spirulina — A Powerful Superfood

FDA Finally Listened and Removed Arsenic from Chickens

Tiny Teacup Pig Plays Piano

2 Study Shows People Who Do Vegetable Juicing Dropped Four Times the Pounds

New Research Finds Doctors are Massively Overprescribing Drugs

GMO: The Toxic Food You'd Never, Ever Choose (But are Probably Eating on a Weekly Basis)


4 3 Ounces of Wheat a Day May Be Harming Your Brain

Cat Gets Caught Barking and Resumes Meowing

5 These Five Foods May Cause Problems VERY Similar to Wheat...

10 Diet and Exercise Myths that Won't Go Away

6 FDA: Drinking Raw Milk Is a Crime

White Kitten vs. Baby Bunny

Almonds: The Healthy Snack that Can Actually Improve Your Health

7 This Company Spends Over $5M a Year to Lobby U.S. Government to Make You Sick

60 Things that Can Go Terribly Wrong with Hepatitis B Vaccination

8 Pure Water: This Simple Drink Improved Stomach Acid in Just One Minute...

That's One Way to Come Down the Stairs

Cut Down On Carbs to Reduce Body Fat

9 EMF Exposure: Worse than Cigarettes? The Silent Enemy Harming Your Health Today…

What State Uses More Antibiotics on Livestock Than Entire U.S. on Humans?

You Won't Believe Who's Now Teaching Dietitians Their Education Courses...

10 One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All...

11 The Worst Thing You Can Eat if You Want to Drop Pounds

5 Ways to Age Gracefully and Healthfully

Is World's Top Tennis Ace Doing Better Because He Gave Up Gluten?

12 The Silent Inflammation That Afflicts 3 Out of 4 Americans

Cats Vs. Bubble Wrap

Mammogram: This Breast Cancer Screening May Lead to a SHORTER Life…

13 The Best Foods that Fill You Up and Boost Your Metabolism and Shed Pounds

Incredible Tree Climbing Dog

Why Food Addictions Can be as Strong as Drug Addictions

14 Perchlorate: Has this Chemical Destroyed the Meaning of Organic?

Perhaps One of the Most Unnecessary Vaccines Ever

15 Chlorella: This Almost Perfect Food Gobbles Up Your Body's Toxins

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

Mercury: The "Safe" Toxin that's Dangerously Profitable - and How to Stop it

16 Without Vitamin K2, Vitamin D May Actually Encourage Heart Disease

Kimchi: The Food that Helps You to Detox Pesticides

Caution to Men: These Drugs May Turn An Enlarged Prostate into Cancer

17 Spirulina Benefits: Just 1 TBSP a day, An Easy Way to Lower Your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and…

18 Grass-Fed Meat: The "Golden Beef" that Contains 3 to 5 Times More of This Cancer-Fighting Substance

Kitty Hates Birthday Card

Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?

19 Exercise: The Cancer Fighting Trick Which Can Help Burn Excess Pounds

Should You Ever Take Tylenol?

20 If You Can Never Seem to Get Truly Well, This Could Be Why...

Kitten Family 'Love Affair'

One of the Biggest Food Frauds Perpetrated on the American People

21 Are Diet Sodas Making You Fat?

Simple Acne Treatment Works by Helping Your Gut Brain Connection

22 The Dark Side of Statin Drugs Taken by 1 in 4 Americans Over 45...

Goldendoodle Puppy Vs. an Ice Cube

What Common Foods May Kill Multi-Drug Resistant Cancers?

23 Flush Away Artery Plaque with a Natural Remedy that Can Help End Erectile Problems

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This Antioxidant Dramatically Inhibits Alzheimer's Disease Progression

These Documents Virtually Force You to Destroy Your Health

24 The Smear Campaign They Used to Try to Shut Us Up

25 INSIDE Your Home: The Ugly Invaders Which Can Make You Sick

Cuddling May Be Key to Long-Term Happy Relationship

Triclosan: Could this Commonly Used Body Care Ingredient Imbalance Your Hormones?

26 Fructose Fools Your Metabolism and Tricks Your Body into Gaining Pounds

Who Knew this Cocktail of up to 20 Chemicals Was in Your Glass of Milk?

27 You Should Never Use Antibiotic Soaps -- But 75% of Households Do

Puppy Past Bedtime

Michigan Woman Faced 93 Days in Jail for Planting a Vegetable Garden

28 Worries About New Gonorrhea Superbug

The Studies You Should Never, Ever Believe

29 To Shed Pounds, You MUST Eliminate Fructose from What You Eat

Shar-Pei Puppy Baby

Can Vitamin D3 in Combination with Turmeric Spice Reverse Alzheimer's Disease Progression?

30 Mold: The "New" Hidden Pandemic Sweeping Across America

Another Reason to Ditch Your Non-Stick Cookware

How Can a 4000% Increase in Bipolar Disorder Be Possible?

31 GAPS Nutritional Program: How a Physician Cured Her Son's Autism...