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November 2011
1 Kids Given Vaccines Have 22 Times the Rate of Ear Infections

Forget Antibiotics, Steroids, and Medications - Starve Mold Out of Your Body

2 Red Alert: The Vaccine Responsible for Half the Awards for Injury and Death

Children with ADHD? Stop Feeding Them Gluten

3 What Every Parent Must Know: This Occurs Before the Age of 6

4 20 TIMES the Risk of Autism When You Vaccinate Your Children

If You're Taking Antidepressants - Don't Take Aspirin

5 How Many More of these "Unavoidably Unsafe" Drugs Will Become Mandatory?

Curcumin Relieves Pain and Inflammation for Osteoarthritis Patients

Never Buy Meat, Potatoes or Herbs With "Treated by Radiation" on the Label

6 New Study Shows Vitamin D Helps Prevent Depression

7 Potato Chips: Are You Eating This All-Time Favorite "Cancer-in-a-Can" Snack?

Men Who Have this Popular PSA Prostate Cancer Screening Have a Staggering 4-Fold Increase in Serious Blood Infections

8 Dental Fluorosis: 41% of American Teenagers Have Inherited This Disease

Fluoride is Dangerous, But Hexavalent Chromium (in Your Water Supply) May be Far Worse

9 5 Grams Daily of Spirulina REVERSED Severe Radiation Poisoning in Chernobyl Children...

A Godsend for Arthritis Sufferers - May Reduce Pain by a Whopping 62%

10 Splenda: It Can Destroy Your Immune System and Is Like Eating an Insecticide

If Your Protein Supplement Contains This Kind of Casein Throw it in the Trash

11 The Paleo Diet: Feast Like a Caveman and Watch the Pounds Melt Away

The Science is Practically Screaming... Don't Make This Trendy Fat Mistake

12 How the Telecom Industry Seeks to Confuse About the Dangers of Cell Phones

13 The First Thing to Do When a Cold or Flu Strikes

14 Are You Using This Popular But Cancer-Causing Johnson & Johnson Shampoo?

Make Thousands by Doing One Simple Thing to Your Home

15 Is Alarming Rise in Autism Linked to 1988 Event?

The Most Dangerous Politician in the Country?

16 Mushroom: The "Antioxidant Superstar" Chinese People Eat Daily

Practical Options to Store Your Food without Contaminating Them With Plastics

17 The Simple Test Which May Help Prevent Autism

Soy: Could Eating This Popular "Health" Food Lead to Celibacy?

18 Experts Warn Vitamin E Can Trigger Cancer

Top 10 Reasons to Strength Train

19 Beware of These Organic Brands

This State Concealed Dangerous Radiation in Drinking Water for Years

Are You a Victim of This Nearly One Trillion Dollar Scam?

20 The Surprising Cause of Melanoma (And No, it's Not Too Much Sun)

21 Fructose: Drinking This "Popular Poison" is Worse than Smoking

How to Get Your Vitamin D Within to Healthy Ranges

22 Death in Days: Beware of This Bacteria

The Surprising Truth About Your Favorite Breakfast Cereals

23 Potatoes and Rice: These Two Natural Foods Will Throw Your Blood Sugar Out-of-Whack

Banish These "Healthy Oils" to Guard Your Heart

24 The #1 Cause of Accidental Death in the U.S. - Are You at Risk?

Antibiotics: This Commonly Used Drug Found to Promote Obesity

43% of Americans Risked Their Brain Health for Flu Shots - Did You?

25 Urgent: Throw These Cooking Oils in the Trash

Supermarket Outrage: Psychological Traps Make You Spend More

26 The Medical Miracle You'll Get Arrested for Using

How Big Pharma Fools Even Your Doctor

These 2 Mistakes Can Make You Hungrier and Fatter...

27 Top Health Benefits of Coconut Water

28 Beware: Statin Drugs Can Actually Cause Diabetes

The Appalling Betrayals which Illegitimatize this Agency's Views - Why Do You Still Trust Them?

29 49 Sudden Deaths, 213 Permanent Disabilities - And the Silent Plan to Poison Your Child

Take Heed - Nearly Every Processed Food You Eat is Contaminated with GMO

30 This Vitamin D Supplement Mistake Raises Your Death Rate by 2% -- Are You at Risk?

I Use Astaxanthin When I Fly To Protect Myself From Radiation Damage