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December 2011
1 The Worst Drug Fraud in History? Do You Still Trust Them with Your Life?

ALERT -- Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports

2 Endless Energy: How Yoga Saved My Life...

3 25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ

Health Myths Created by the "Father of Spin" - Do You Still Believe Them?

4 You'll Ignore Conventional Health Advice - Once You See These Ugly Facts

5 If You're Tired or Constipated, This "Unusual Treatment" May Help

Global Diabetes Epidemic Rages On

6 If You Go to Church, Heed This Warning

Fruit Juice: Why Is This Soda's Evil Twin?

7 Statin Use: The Cancer-Causing Mistake 1 in 4 People Over 45 Make

Can Ingesting 'Friendly Bugs' Reduce Your Anxiety?

8 Doctor Warns: Eat Soy and You’ll Look Five Years Older

9 The Worst Possible Place to Eat if You Want to Stay Healthy

The Right to Bare Arms

10 Sudden Death Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic Destroying Your Gut Flora

BEC or Eggplant Extract: Stunning New Way to Flush Away Skin Cancer

11 Astaxanthin: Some Call It the World's Best Antioxidant -- Protecting Your Eyes, Brain, and Preventing Wrinkles

12 Eat These 2 Foods Only if You Want to Age Faster and Die Younger?

U.S. Congress Says Pizza is a Vegetable

13 Watch Out: These Foods Seriously Mess With Your Health

Monsanto Defeated by Super Weeds

14 Vitamin D Can Cut Your Flu Risk Nearly in Half

Are Antibiotics Contributing to Obesity, Diabetes and Stroke?

15 Dog and Baby Battle for the Blankie

Taking Just a Little Too Much Tylenol Can Be Deadly

16 80-Year Olds With 40-Year Old Muscle Mass - What's Going On?

Kathy Smith's Matrix Workout

17 10 Things You May Not Know About Your Weight

This Blood Test FAR More Important than Cholesterol in Determining How Old You Look

LDL (Bad) Cholesterol May Not Be So Bad After All - What You Need to Know...

18 The Drug Companies' Newest Profit Weapon to Steal Your Money

19 Vitamin D: The Best "Drug" for Slashing Your Risk of Cancer?

Dodgy Doctors Say: This Health Video Should be Banned

20 Could 93% of These Beans be Cancer-Causing?

Radiation from Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick -- Are You at Risk?

21 Are You Poisoning Your Household With this Chore?

Night Shift Work May Raise Diabetes Risk

22 Processed Food: Why Is It Suddenly Cheaper to Eat Out?”

Boosts Disruptive Hormone by 1000% in 5 Days - Avoid This Eating Mistake

23 The Ultimate Time-Crunched Workout

24 Saturated Fats from Foods Help Build Hormones and Tame Your Appetite

Why is the U.S. Doubling Its Protection Against this Non-existent Health Enemy?

25 Finally... Solo Farmer Fights Monsanto and Wins

26 Indoor Air Quality: The Invisible Epidemic Causing Headaches, Fatigue and Depression

27 The Dangerous Procedure Doctors Swear by (but Aren't Liable for)

Vaccination: Using the First Amendment to Opt Out of This Potentially Damaging Procedure

28 To Achieve Optimal Health, Eat 50-70% of This Frequently Demonized Food

Manuka Honey: Can This Sweetener Replace Chemical Mouthwash For Reducing Your Dental Plaque?

29 Eat More of Coconut Oil and You Might Slim Your Waist Size in One Week

The Worst Possible Thing to Ignore if You Have Arthritis

30 Chiropractors and Naturopaths - Are They Dangerous?

Kathy Smith Laws to Living Lean

31 Eat Mushrooms During Winter to Radically Reduce Your Risk of the Cold and Flu

Cooking Food at Very High Temperature Could Cause Cancer

Caution: The "Best Route" to Good Health is Causing 106,000 Deaths/Year