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January 2012
1 Raw Milk May Resolve Your Troubling Health Issues

2 Chlorella: Use This Superfood to Help Remove Mercury From Your Tissues in Weeks

Tap Water in Neti Pot Kills Two People

How Women May Be Contributing to Men's Rising Cancer Rates

3 Flu Vaccine: The Horrible "Immune System Mistake" Millions Will Make This Year

New Study on Fluoride Shows No Benefits and Major Safety Issues

4 The Dr. Oz Show: Information I Couldn't Share

Why Vitamin D Is Better than ANY Vaccine and Improves Your Immune System by 3-5 Times

5 Astaxanthin: Who Knew this Potent Antioxidant Also Protects Against Ulcers?

Almost 68% of Women over 40 Have Fallen for This Trap

6 Long-Distance Running: Avoid This Popular Exercise As It Shrinks Your Muscle and Accelerates Aging

Exercise: A Major Secret in Achieving Joint Pain Relief

7 Wheat Can Slow Your Brain - and it Lowered IQ 4 Points in Recent Study

Eat Like a Caveman to Protect Your Brain From Shrinking

If You Have These Genes, Antidepressant Drugs Can Trigger Impulsive Violence

8 Toxic Enough to Require Haz-Mat Transport... Yet Safe for You and Your Children?

9 X-Ray Mammography: This "Life Saving" Tool May Lead You Straight to Invasive Breast Cancer

Far Safer than Vaccines in Limiting Chickenpox Spread

10 GE Corn and Soy: Refuse to Eat These Foods - They Could Destroy Your Reproductive Organs

Glyphosate: This Menace Killed 50% of Rats Tested - But It's Hiding in Your Water, Air and Food

11 14 Awesome Apps for Your New Smart Phone or Tablet that You Should Love

The Psychosis-Inducing Beverage Ingredient You've Probably Never Heard Of

12 Statins for "Flu" Treatment -- A Serious Health Mistake in the Making

Major Trouble Ahead If You Don't Fix Omega-3 Fat Deficiency

13 Try this Simple Trick to Slim Down and Build Muscle Faster

Exercise May Encourage Healthy Eating Via Brain Changes

14 How to Starve Cancer Out of Your Body - Avoid These Top 4 Cancer-Feeding Foods

How to Tell if Your Doctor is on the Drug Industries' Payroll

No Deaths in 38 Years From This Raw Milk -- So Why is it Condemned?

15 Worse than DDT: When You Eat This, it Ends Up Lingering in Your Gut

16 New Warning About Manicures, Piercings and Tattoos

Be Careful of 'Green' Cleaning Products as they May Not Be Very Green

17 Never Do Mercury Fillings with Your Teeth — No Matter How 'Safe' They Say It Is

Why Are Cell Phones Using the Wrong Safety Standards?

18 No Matter What the FDA Says - Clear This Out of Your Fridge

As Bad as Cocaine and Amphetamines - Will Authorities Now Force ADHD Drugs on Your Child?

19 Warning: 50 Minutes of Cell Phone Use Can Alter Your Brain and DNA

20 Proven: Kids Get Smarter Just from Exercising

Lifting Weights for Dummies in Four Easy Steps

21 Eating Grains Can "Tear Holes" in Your Gut

Why is Massive Conflict of Interest Allowed in Government Health Recommendations?

The Mistake That Can Cost You Up to 85% MORE for Medical Tests

22 Dr. Oz Proves This Fruit Juice Can be Toxic

23 Grains Rob Your Brain Power - Avoid It for Clearer Thinking

Dangers of Feminine Hygiene Products that Every Woman Needs to Know

24 213 Women Who Took Gardasil Suffered Permanent Disability

New Evidence Refutes Fraud Findings in Dr. Wakefield Case

25 Long-Distance Running: One of the Worst Forms of Exercise There Is

Is Nerve Damage The Rule, Not the Exception With Cholesterol Meds?

26 Can the Mineral Zinc Improve Hearing Loss?

Using Primitive Wisdom to Radically Improve Your Health

27 This Exercise Mistake Can Give You a Heart Attack

Exercise: Simple Activity to Radically Decrease Breast Cancer Risk

28 The Honey You Should Never Buy - It May Be Tainted with Lead and Antibiotics

Research From 100 Countries Proves That Sun Exposure and Vitamin D Can Help Protect Against Cancer

29 Gardasil: The Worthless Way to Prevent Cancer

30 Breast Cancer and Heart Attacks: A Deadly Side Effect of Calcium Supplements?

Victoza: Don't Swallow This for Diabetes - Even If a Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen, Hawks It

31 GMO Foods: Banned in Germany, But You're Probably Still Eating It

Monsanto to Face Biopiracy Charges in India