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February 2012
1 $29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol

2 12 Things Successful People Do Differently

Dutch Get it Right and Recognize Saturated Fat is Not a Problem

3 How Grief Can Break Your Heart

4 Non-Organic Foods Blast Your Body With Up to 180 Times the Fluoride in Drinking Water

5 Why is Lyme Disease Not JUST a Tick-Borne Disease Any More?

6 A Daily 900 mg Dose of Omega-3 Fats Helped Reverse Memory Loss

Vitamin D3 Found to Rejuvenate Aging Eyes

7 Don't Eat GMOs: Linked to Cancer and Gets into Your Blood

Tamiflu: Doctor Outraged After Recommending This Drug

8 Sidestep These Veggies - Even if They're Organic

Iodine is Important but a New Study Shows Too Much Causes Problems

9 Why Did MS Drug Kill Eleven People?

Drug Firm Agrees to Pay One Billion Dollars in Major Scandal

10 Peak Fitness Boosts Your Human Growth Hormone by 771% in Just 20 Minutes

Will You Get Big and Bulky if You Lift Weights?

11 Take 4-8 mg of Astaxanthin to Help Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

Conventional Medical Care Kills More People Than Heart Disease or Cancer

Taking Statins Speed Your Aging and Chills Your Sex Drive

12 Hidden "Agent Orange" Chemical They Want to Sneak into Your Food

13 Activating Your Brown Fat May Force Your Body to Burn 400-500 Extra Calories/Day

How Doctors Do Harm

14 Mammography: The Major Cause of Breast Cancer Almost Everyone Ignores

Flu Vaccine: The Latest Risky Fad to Hit Your Child's Pediatrician's Office

15 26 out of 54 People Who Avoided These Foods Got a Brain-Destroying Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Why Are More than One in Ten Americans at Risk for Suicide?

16 Vitamin D Has Been Shown to Dramatically Improve Fertility

Cancer Alert: Beware of These 5 Home Appliances

17 Eat 15g or Less of Fructose Daily to Help Slim Your Waistline

Forbidden Indulgence to Salt Could Actually Spare You a Heart Attack

18 What Is A Root Canal Procedure?

Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?

These Foods Have 'Invisible Thorns' Which Can Rip Apart Your Insides

19 This Revolting Practice Targets Poor Unsuspecting People First - And You Next

20 Manuka Honey Can Help Wipe Out Deadly MRSA

Diet Soda Can Increase Your Stroke Risk by 50%

21 The Dr. Oz Show: My Latest Jaw Dropping Interview

The Cruel Science Experiment They Want to Force You to Take

22 Avoid Sugar to Help Slow Aging

I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Komen's Race is for Money, Not the Cure

23 If You Take Oral Vitamin D, You MUST Avoid Making This Serious Mistake

Should Pregnant Women Avoid Using Cell Phones?

24 Highly Stressed Women Age Much Faster If They Fail to Exercise

Chiropractors and Exercise Are Better than Drugs Says New Study

25 He Murdered a Friend After Taking This Best-Selling Drug

26 The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate - When Will Your Moment of Truth Arrive?

27 Almost Everyone Eats it, But it's a "Breeding Ground" for Disease

Do You Have ANY Idea How Absurd U.S. Farm Subsidies Are?

28 "Harmless Procedure" Can Cause Narcolepsy, Muscle Weakness

Vermont Parents Fight to Save Philosophical Exemption

29 The One and Only Way You Can Tell if a Food is GMO-Free

What Mystery Disease is Killing Thousands in Central America?