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April 2012
1 Why is this Organic Food Stuffed With Toxic Solvents?

2 40 Women With Breast Cancer Had Parabens in Their Tissues

Your Microflora Outnumber Your Cells Ten to One but Researchers Show they Play Crucial Role in Your Health

3 The "Massive Con" Causing a Suicide Every 30 Minutes

The Dramatic New Rule Change for Genetically Engineered Foods

4 Could Vitamin B3 Help Treat Psychotic Disorders Better than Drugs?

Disease Outbreaks Tied to Imported Foods Increasing according to the CDC

5 The Heart Disease Scam That Generates Billions Every Year... And May Cost You Your Life

You Need Vitamin B12 for a Sharp Brain as You Age - Yet 1 in 4 are Deficient in It

6 Too Busy to Exercise? Get Fit in 3 Minutes a Week

New Study Finds Too Much Exercise Can Delay Pregnancy in Normal-Weight Women

7 Mercury: The Hidden Trigger to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's That 75% of People Carry

Ashwaganda: Ancient Herb Proven to be a Potential Cure for Alzheimer's

8 Dandelion and Other Wild Edible Plants – The Hidden Food in Your Yard

9 Sleeping Less than 6 Hours Can Double Your Risk of Heart Attack

How Stress Wreaks Havoc on Your Gut -- And What to Do About It

10 FDA Warns: Don't Use Mercury on Your Skin But You Can Put It in Your Mouth in Higher Doses

11 Falling for This Myth Could Give You Cancer

Vaccination: The Neurological Poison So Common Your Doctor Probably Pushes It

12 How Big Companies are Making You Unwitting Accomplices in the Toxic Water Cycle

13 Whey Protein: This Near Ideal "Fitness Food" Feeds Muscles in Just 10-15 minutes

Muscle Soreness -- Is Cold Water Immersion An Effective Treatment?

14 Antidepressants: This Best-Selling Drug Attacks Your Heart, Brain and Bones

Americans Eat the Cheapest Food in the World, But What is It Really Costing?

15 Conventional Milk: The Everyday Drink that May Contain Blood, Pus and Drugs

16 Streptococcus Bacteria: The Hidden Cause of Psychiatric Disorders Almost No One Considers

Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?

17 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Now Affecting 1 in 54 Boys in the US

Big Surprise - Whooping Cough Spreads Mainly through Vaccinated Populations

18 How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Health

42 Flowers You Can Eat

19 Why Do You Yawn? (It's Not What You Think...)

Another Miserable Failure of the FDA -- It Will Deny Request to Ban BPA

20 One Early Morning Mistake (and 7 Others) You Don't Want to Make

Maximize Your Push-Ups with These Simple Tips

21 The Tragic Mistake That Now Threatens 1 Out of Every 3 Bites You Eat

New Study Shows Obesity Rate Is Actually Far Worse than Previously Recognized


23 Pepsi Next: The Beverage that is Even WORSE than High Fructose Corn Syrup Soda

Dietary Supplements: Over 60 Billion Doses a Year and Not ONE Death, But Still Not Safe?

24 Fluoridated Water Can Damage Your Brain, Disrupt Your Bones, and Stain and Pit Your Teeth

25 Coming Soon: A Controversial "Ruling" That Threatens Your Job AND the Economy

Why Stress Makes It Harder to Kick the Common Cold

26 Dental X-Ray: Almost Everyone Does This at The Dentist's Office - Why It's a Possible Recipe for Brain Cancer

Dryer Vent: The Household Appliance that Releases 600 Potentially Dangerous Chemicals into the Air

27 The ONE Number That May Best Predict Your Risk of Sudden Death

Why a Cold Shower May Be More Beneficial for Health than a Warm One

28 Castor Oil May Help Relieve Arthritis, Sciatica and Back Pain

Does Sunshine Actually Decrease Dangerous Melanoma Skin Cancers?

29 Caution: Wearing These Can Sabotage Your Health

30 Fructose: The Hidden Reason You Get Flabby (Not Calories or Lack of Exercise)

Is the Fiberglass in Your Attic or Walls Causing Cancer?