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May 2012
1 Something Historical is About to Happen - But Your Participation is Critical

Is Your Food Sourced from the Plant Equivalent of AIDS?

2 My Researcher's Own Story: "How I Beat Breast Cancer"

Six Surprising Foods with More Sugar than a Twinkie

3 The Root Cause of Anxiety and Depression That Few Suspect

Massive Corruption Revealed to be at the Core of Many Drug Approvals

4 Burn Away Fat Cells With Intermittent Fasting

Shake and Keep Off Unwanted Belly Flab 54% Better Than Aerobics

5 Even if You Eat Organic Food, This Cooking Mistake Can Ruin Your Health

Courts Slaps FDA and FTC for Unjustified Attacks

6 Statin Drugs Create Over 60,000 New Diabetics Each Year

7 Fructose Attacks Your Liver Like Alcohol - Is This What's Making You Flabby and Sick?

Breast Cancer Survivor Jailed Over Accidental $280 Medical Bill

8 Eating Refined Sugar Increases Your Risk of Getting a Brain-Invading Virus

What Biotech Company Blamed for Bee Collapse Just Bought Leading Bee Research Firm?

9 Six "Grow Younger" Nutrients I Take Every Day

How Bugs Become Instantly Resistant to Insecticide by Swallowing Bacteria

10 New Update: Only 4 mg of Astaxanthin May Help You Maintain Youthfulness

11 Super-Slow Weight Training: The Muscle-Building Workout Hardly Anyone Uses

If Running Marathons Is So Healthy Why Do People Die Running Them?

Burpees: A Simple Way to Get Fit with No Gym, No Trainer or No Equipment

12 Fermented Foods Contain 100 TIMES More Probiotics than a Supplement

Correction of This Vitamin Deficiency Shown to Improve Seizure Control in Epilepsy

13 Glyphosate: The Toxin So Dangerous, It's Causing Catastrophic Birth Defects

14 The 6 Types of Pills Big Pharma Wants You Hooked On for Life

Presence of Radon Gas in Your Home

15 GMOs: You'll Probably Accidentally Eat This Toxic Food Today

Another Way to Kill Small U.S. Farmers: Seize Their Bank Accounts on Phony Charges

16 Make Mincemeat of Cancer Cells With Turmeric and Resveratrol

Vitamin K: The Key Vitamin to Use with Vitamin D to Help Reduce Osteoporosis by 25 Percent

17 Nearly 1 in 2 Americans are Now Victims of This Heartless Marketing Ploy

Nine Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

18 Physical Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power in 20 Minutes, Helps Stop Brain Shrinkage

Burpees: A Simple Way to Get Fit with No Gym, No Trainer or No Equipment

19 Kashi Cereal Stirs Anger - Exposed by Small Rhode Island Grocer

The Secret Weapon U.S. Lobbyists Use to Ruin Your Health

20 Discover What They're Hiding in Your Organic Food

21 Fluoride Hardens Your Arteries - Odds Are 6 in 10 You're Consuming This Poison Ingredient Daily

FDA Wants Prescription Drug Vending Machines

22 The Drug Shock of the Year - FDA Approved, But Beware

Pneumonia Vaccine Shown to Actually Increase Bacterial Infections It Is Supposed to Prevent

23 Worse than a Disease Diagnosis - This Mistake Can Land You in the E.R.

Can Eating Beneficial Bacteria Make You Sexier?

24 Parabens: 99% of Breast Cancer Tissue Contained This Everyday Chemical (NOT Aluminum)

New Report Shows Drug Companies Lied and Overstated Their Drug’s Ability to Treat Autism

25 How to Do Squats: 8 Reasons to Do Squat Exercises

This is Likely to Cause Muscle Weakness During Your Next Workout

26 Opting for This "Cheaper Food" Could Make You Age Faster

Why We Eat More than We Are Supposed To

27 Germier Than Toilet Seats, But You Touch Them Every Day

28 Beware: These Best-Selling Products with Flame Retardants Can Make You Sick

Tasty Weight Loss Surgery Alternative

29 Eating Bt Corn Could Turn Your Gut into a Living Pesticide Factory

The Propaganda Supporting Fluoride and Why They Are Lies

30 Beware: Most Green Cleaning Products Contain Glycol Ethers

Have Human Hormones Been Eclipsed by Synthetic Ones?

31 Why I Believe Over Half of Your Diet Should Be Made Up of Saturated Fat

Sippy Cups and Other Little-Known Childhood Hazards