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July 2012
1 Astaxanthin: A Rising Star in Alzheimer's Prevention

2 Diet, Doctor- and Drug-Avoidance Can Help You Live Longer

How Diet Foods and Drinks Can Actually Cause, NOT Prevent Diabetes

3 The Lies You’re Told about Genetically Engineered Foods

Negative Impacts of Dental Mercury Surpass Those of Alternatives

4 Warning: Cell Phones May Trigger ADHD and Other Behavior Problems

Major Drug Company to Pay at Least $1.5 Billion Over Fraudulent Risperdal Marketing

5 What's Behind Illinois Stealing Local Hero's Bee Hives?

Dirtying Up Our Diets

6 Believing These Persistent Fitness Myths Can Sabotage Your Success

Invest in Strength Training and Increase Your Metabolism

7 Are We Being Set Up for Another Fabricated Pandemic Like the Swine Flu?

Monsanto May Lose Billions in Brazil Over “Monsanto Tax”


9 The Evolution of Bird Flu and the Race to Keep Up

Pfizer 'Cherry-Picked' Celebrex Data, Memos Say

10 Monsanto Promises Pain to EU, Assault Underway

11 Surprising Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Pineapple Enzyme

New Studies on 3 Important Nutrients

12 Why Your Doctor's Advice May Be Fatally Flawed

13 High Intensity is Key for Both Cardio and Weight Benefits

The Serious Problem of Overhydrating in Endurance Sports

14 Viruses Worldwide Battled by Gut Microbes

When Treatment is Poison

15 Surprising Links: How Big Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health

16 GlaxoSmithKline: GUILTY in Largest Health Fraud Settlement in US History

So Inherently Dangerous that Only Two Countries in the World Have Legalized This and the U.S. Is One of Them

17 Dozens of Genetically Modified Babies Already Born — How Will They Alter Human Species?

Factory Fed Fish: Monsanto's and Cargill's Plans for the Ocean

18 Why a Decline in Mammography Rates is Really GOOD News

19 Iron: This Life-Saving Mineral Found to Actually Increase Senility in Many

Known to Kill Cows, Castrate Wildlife, Induce Spontaneous Abortion in Lab Rats... And it's Likely in Your Water

20 How Whey Protein Can Help Build Toned Muscles

The Fitness Tip That Gave My Neighbor The Body He Always Wanted

21 Your Sleeping Habits Can Have a Profound Influence on How Much You Weigh

22 Effective Strategies to Identify and Correct the Inflammation Caused by Mold Exposure

23 Why Did the Wall Street Journal Bury the Merck Fraud Story?

Exclusive Leaked Documents: American Dietetic Association Is Intentionally Using State Legislatures to Block Alternative Nutrition Providers and Restrict Free Speech

24 Pharmaceutical Drugs are 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You than Supplements

Double-Whammy! Doctors Demonize Vaccine Choices as FDA Licenses New Combo Vaccine

25 Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Your Doctor

Did You Have ANY Idea this Happens at Fast Food Restaurants You Eat At?

26 First Statewide Ban of Plastic Bags

The Myth of a Safer Hospital Birth for Low-Risk Pregnancies

27 Proper Sprinting and Warm-Up Techniques to Optimize Your Workout and Avoid Injury

9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone

28 Seeds of Freedom

Urgent - If You Want to Keep Taking Supplements

29 The Potential Effects of Soy, and How it Might Decimate the Health of Your Unborn Baby and the Fertility of Future Generations

30 Mounting Evidence Shows Many Vaccines are Ineffective and Contribute to Rise of Outbreaks Caused by Mutated Viruses

3 Reasons You May Not be Getting Enough Vitamin D this Summer

31 Why Does Monsanto Always Win?

Bill Gates Leveraged Philanthropy: Corporate Profit versus Humanity