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November 2012
1 How Genetically Engineered Soy Threatens Ecological Stability

2 High-Intensity Interval Training and Intermittent Fasting - A Winning Combo for Fat Reduction and Optimal Fitness

Exercise Improves Effects of Stroke: Study

3 David vs. Monsanto—The Story of How a Lone Farmer Prevailed Against One of the Most Powerful Companies on the Planet

Eating Loads of Carbs May Cause You to Lose Your Mind

4 The Ultimate Antioxidant: Fight Premature Aging for Free

5 Hospital Errors Kill Well Over 180,000 Americans Annually – Why are Super-Safe Supplements and Natural Health Under Attack?

Fish Oil Helped Save Our Son

6 Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, as Flu Vaccines are Suspended Across Europe and Canada

GE Cow Brings Biotech to New Level of Creepy

7 Aspartame Associated with Increased Risk of Blood Cancers in Long-Term Human Study

Cell Phone Gave Man a Tumor, According to Major Court Ruling

8 Can When You Eat Affect Your Health?

Important Advice Post-Flooding, to Avoid Mold-Related Health Hazards

9 Sitting Less May Be Key for Maximum Longevity

Can You Get Fit in Five Minutes?

10 Documentary Reveals How the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Conspire to Maintain a Failing Business Model

When Fire Met Food, the Brains of Early Humans Grew Bigger


12 7 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Home

Study: Women Who Quit Smoking by Age 40 Avoid 90% of Death Risk

13 To Stem Mumps Outbreak, Doctors Recommend a Third Vaccination Despite Ineffectiveness of MMR Vaccine and Lawsuit Claiming Fraud

UBC Researchers Advocate HPV Vaccine Scrutiny

14 Your Waist Size Can Be a Powerful Predictor of Hypertension and Other Chronic Diseases

Bayer Buys Schiff for $1.2 Billion

15 For Every Life Saved by Mammograms, 3-10 Women are Overdiagnosed and Unnecessarily Treated

Melanoma Risk May Be Genetic for Redheads

16 How Fitness Protects Aging Brains

What Exercise Can Teach You...

17 Why Weight Loss Surgery is NOT a Sound Treatment Choice for Type 2 Diabetes

The Scary Trend Of Boomer Addiction

18 The Naked Truth About Breast Implants -- How They Can Affect Your Health

19 Specially Fermented Vegetables and Fennel are More Effective Than Calcium to Prevent Bone Loss

Tips for Making Your Thanksgiving Dinner as Healthy as Possible

20 Public Health Group Adopts Contradictory Positions on Mercury

Worker Could be Punished Over Flu Shot

21 The Truth About Eggs – What Commercial Egg Farmers Don’t Want You to Know

Cancer Trials Can Lack Clear Information on Biopsies

22 Potent “Superfoods” That Can Improve Your Health and Increase Longevity

Major Problems With Food Safety That Could Make You Sick

23 The Power Plate -- A Valuable Exercise Tool for Prevention and Treatment of Fibromyalgia and Brittle Bones

Water Workouts a Great Alternative: Study

24 The Latest Weapon in the War on Cancer: Honey Bees

Internet Addiction is the New Mental Health Disorder

25 General Health Checkups and Medical Screening Tests—Do You Really Need Them?

26 Common Sleep Mistakes Can Wreak Havoc on Your Health, and Increase Risk of Migraines and Dementia

10 Spices, Herbs That Aid Weight Loss

27 Some Residents Worry about Chloramine’s Usage and Safety

NIH Vaccine Chief Gary Nabel Trades Dream Job for Big Pharma

28 Science Behind Tamiflu Recommendations “Missing in Action”

Let's End the Prescription Drug Death Epidemic

29 90 Percent of Melanoma Surgeries are Unnecessary, Study Finds

Anti-Fluoride Group Submits More than 35,000 Signatures to Portland in ‘Confident’ Bid to Force Vote

30 Exercise Helps Your Immune System Protect Against Future Cancers

Peak Fitness: This Simple Trick Stops Aging in Its Tracks