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December 2012
1 How the Sugar Industry Hoodwinked You about the Dangers of Sugar, Using Big Tobacco Tactics

Another Health Fraud -- “Fat-Blocking” Soda

2 How the Pharmaceutical Industry Profits from False Claims, and a Brand New Online Tool that Can Help You Get Better Health Care

3 For Best Toilet Health: Squat or Sit?

Strong New Evidence That MS Risk Affected by Birth Month, Mom's Vitamin D Status

4 Artificial Sweeteners Cause Greater Weight Gain than Sugar, Yet Another Study Reveals

European Environmental Bureau Urges EU States to Ban Amalgam Fillings

5 Smart Grid Funding Misspent on Obsolete Technologies, Says New Report

Too Little Sleep May Fuel Insulin Resistance

6 Why Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy is a Bad Idea

How Drug Company Money is Undermining Science

7 Guidelines to Help Your Teen Safely and Effectively Improve His or Her Physique

Women Hoist Kettlebells for Strength and Shapeliness

8 How Coconut Oil Might Combat Tooth Decay

Human Intellect Backsliding From Lack of Evolutionary Pressure: Study

9 How Innate ‘Plasticity’ of Your Brain Allows You to Improve Cognitive Performance and Prevent Age-Related Decline

10 Top 10 Packaged Foods You Shouldn't Buy

4 Keys to Healthy Aging: Study

11 Toxic Taps: Lead is Still the Problem

Will the Natural Products Association Live Up to its Name in the Continued Fight for GMO Labeling?

12 Why I Do Not Recommend Pork - Nearly 70 Percent Contaminated with Dangerous Pathogens

Accutane Acne Drug Widely 'Overused' Says UK Dermatologist

13 Zinc—One of the Best Supplements to Help Fight Cold and Flu

The Dangers of Christmas Decorations

14 Is It Better to Exercise or Rest When You’re Sick?

Stimulate Your Fitness IQ By Walking Backward


16 What You Need to Know About Vitamin K2, D and Calcium

17 Benefits of Magnesium is Far Greater Than Previously Imagined

“American Gut” - One of the Most Important Health Projects of the 21st Century

18 General Mills Gets a Taste of the Backlash After it Spent Over $1.1 Million to Defeat GMO Labeling Initiative

More Independent Voices Speak Up on Fluoridation

19 FDA Sued for Withholding Data on Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

Environmental Toxins Causing Early Puberty in Both Boys and Girls

20 Januvia: This Blockbuster Diabetes Drug Can Increase Your Risk of Cancer

How Science Can Deceive You about Your Cell Phone

21 Extreme Endurance Cardio May Do More Harm than Good

For Athletes, Risks from Ibuprofen Use

22 The Surprising Secrets to a Long Life

Why the Affordable Health Care Act is Unlikely to Benefit Your Health

23 If You Choose Wisely, the Benefits of a High Fish Diet Can Still Outweigh the Risks Associated with Mercury Contamination

24 How Diet and Supplements Can Help Prevent Migraines

5 Skin Care Myths & Top Tips for a Healthier Complexion

25 From All of Us, to All of You - A Very Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

26 The Canadian Cancer Society and Neutrogena: Partners

Orlistat: This Popular Weight Loss Drug May Cause Permanent Liver and Kidney Damage

27 Link Between Flame Retardants and Neurodevelopmental Delays in Children

What Country Tops the List of Healthiest Countries?

28 7 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

5 Top Winter Sports to Try

29 New Discoveries About How Gut Bacteria Can Have Profound Implications for Your Health

Study Proves Pesticide Exposure Linked to Bee Colony Failures

30 Why Cholesterol is Essential for Optimal Health, and the Six Most Important Risk Factors of Heart Disease

31 Two "Forbidden Foods" That Can Give You Instant Energy