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April 2013
1 Do You Make Any of These Breakfast Mistakes?

From Sleep Study, Clues to Happiness

2 Ethical Issues Related to Testing Anthrax Vaccine on Children

CDC Says 1 in 50 Children Now Have Autism

3 Sugary Drinks Linked to Over 180,000 Deaths Worldwide

Dangers of Shaving your Pubic Hair?

4 Why High Salt Consumption Alone Will Not Increase Your Heart Disease Risk

Energy Psychology Tool Cuts Tension Headache Frequency and Intensity by More Than Half

5 Physical Therapy as Good as Surgery for Osteoarthritic Knees and Torn Meniscus

Why Afternoon May Be the Best Time to Exercise

6 A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

Study: Chewing Gum No Good for Weight Loss

7 Oral Myofacial Therapy—A Breakthrough Technique to Treat Symptoms Relating to Breathing Problems, TMJ, Headaches and Other Common Ailments

8 Leafy Greens Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution

22 Things Happy People Do Differently

9 Argentina—A Poster Child for the Health Hazards of GMO Crops

New Norovirus Strain Behind Recent Outbreaks in US

10 How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight, and Why CAFO Meats Promote Antibiotic-Resistant Disease

Electronic Cigarettes Contain Higher Levels of Toxic Metal Nanoparticles Than Tobacco Smoke

11 Call to Action as Portland, Oregon Readies to Vote on Water Fluoridation

How to Recognize the Plastics That are Hazardous to You

12 Japanese Doctor Confirms Health Benefits of Working Out Less, But More Intensely

Back Manipulation May Help Relieve Chronic Pain

13 Salmon Confidential—How a Canadian Government Cover-Up Threatens Your Health, and the Entire Ecosystem

Can ‘Mindfulness’ Help You Focus?

14 Mammography: Are There Pros, or is It Just a Con?

15 Wild Alaskan Salmon is a Powerhouse of Nutrition that May Help You Live Longer

Eight Tips for Eating and Drinking

16 Dr. Oz Investigates the Hazards of Dental Amalgams

Heart Disease Test May Predict Dementia Better than Cognitive Tests

17 How the New American “Oil Boom” Might Destroy the Environment and Decimate the Health of Millions

Side Effects of Statins

18 How to Address Allergies and Asthma Symptoms as “Worst Allergy Season Ever” Begins

Blood Lead Levels High in 535,000 Kids in the USA

19 The Most Effective Strategies for Eliminating Cellulite

Reasons Not to Stretch

20 Can Large-Scale Environmental Devastation Really Be Reversed?

Ripe for Change Documentary

21 Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Top Tips for Women’s Breast Health

22 Will Eating Meat Really Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease?

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer at Home

23 Despite Doctor’s Order, School Bans Girl for Not Getting Chickenpox Vaccine

New GMO Wheat May ‘Silence’ Vital Human Genes

24 Plastic and Cancerous Compounds in Tea Bags—A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins

Why Chemotherapy That Costs $70,000 in the U.S. Costs $2,500 in India

25 EFT Helps Improve Your Health By Freeing Yourself from Stress

How to Protect Your Mental Health and Avoid an Emotional Breakdown

26 A Few Extra Pounds Linked to a Longer Life

6 Bodyweight Workout Apps for Your Phone and iPad

27 GE Trees May Be Even More Damaging to the Environment than GE Foods

Why Your Brain Craves Music

28 NMR Lipoprofile—the Most Important Test to Determine Heart Disease Risk

29 Top 12 Strategies for Optimizing Your Health

The Latest News About Green Peas and Broccoli

30 Analysis Identifies Shocking Problems with Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Corn

10 Facts About Fluoride You Need to Know