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November 2013
1 How You Can Benefit from the Combination of Mind/Body, Agility, Strength and High Intensity Interval Training

8 Tips for Staying Active When You Have Kids

2 Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives

3 CoQ10 versus Ubiquinol – What You Need to Know

4 Heart Specialist Calls for Major Repositioning on Saturated Fat, as It’s NOT the Cause of Heart Disease

Ginger May Benefit Patients with Asthma

5 Zilmax: Slaughterhouse Observations Raise New Concerns about This Growth-Promoting Drug

Fetus Sues Mother -- Case Explores Rights of Fetus

6 Washington State Votes to Label GMO Foods

7 Two Exciting Alzheimer’s Advances: A Novel Early Detection Test Using Peanut Butter, and a Study Evaluating Coconut Oil

8 Stress-Busting Tips from Experts

8 The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Kettlebell Fitness Craze Lifts Off

9 The Age of Antibiotics Is Coming to an End, as Wider Variety of Bacteria Are Now Impervious

Eat Your Broccoli

10 Vaccination During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

11 Is Coconut Oil Good for Dry, Scaly and Itchy Skin?

"Starvation" Diet Slows Aggressive Tumor Growth

12 Measles Reports in America: What Does It Mean?

Kids Who Drink Raw Milk Have Less Asthma and Allergies

13 Worst Endocrine Disruptors Revealed, and They Could Be Raising Your Family’s Cancer Risk

World's Fastest Growing Functional Food? Infant Formula

14 Pyrethroids: This Common Insecticides May Be Linked to Kids' Behavior Problems

Risk of Depression Increased by Long-Term Use of Prescription Painkillers

15 Common Fitness Habits That Can Prevent You from Reaping Maximum Results

Elderly Exercisers Have Fewer Broken Bones After Falls

16 How Vaccine Policy and Law Threatens Parental Rights in America

Surprising Foods with More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut

17 The Promise of Adult Stem Cells in Disease Management, Anti-Aging, and Life Extension

18 Countless Uses for Coconut Oil – The Simple, the Strange, and the Downright Odd

The Top 11 Benefits of Sex

19 Win or Lose, State GMO Labeling Initiatives Are Changing the Game

Chocolate Better for Your Teeth Than Fluoride

20 FDA Sued, Forced to Remove Safety Status on Trans Fats

Nanoparticles in Tattoos May Cause Cancer

21 Americans Are Popping Sleeping Pills in Record Numbers

Children Who Sleep More Eat Fewer Calories

22 Testosterone Therapy May Actually Increase Your Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack and Death

The Foam Rolling You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren't)

23 American Meat—An Inside Look at Sustainable Farming in America

24 How the Buteyko Breathing Method Can Improve Your Health and Fitness

25 The Media’s Profound Ignorance About Nutrition Misses the Mark Yet Again

The Health Benefits of Fiber

26 The Environmental Costs of Corn-Based Ethanol

Mercury Studies Censored by Industry Leaders

27 New Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines Could Double the Number of People on Dangerous Statins—Including Perfectly Healthy People

Is Your Perfume Poison?

28 Feeling Generally Dissatisfied and “Not Happy”? How to Nip Subclinical Depression in the Bud

This Thanksgiving, I Give Thanks to You and All of Our Health Liberty Partners

29 6 Simple Tips to Help Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

How to Grow Your Legs: Challenging Exercises for Your Leg Muscles

30 Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Drug Safety Myth