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June 2014
1 How Redefining Success Can Help You Create a Life of Well-Being

2 Top Tips to Decrease Your Breast Cancer Risk

Protein From Meat, Fish May Help Men Age Well

3 Agricultural Pesticides Linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

American Council on Science and Health—Are You Making Health Decisions Based on What This Industry Front Group Says?

4 Prescription Painkillers Tagged as Gateway Drug to Heroin

Some of the Most Toxic Sunscreens and Safer Options

5 Gut Bacteria and Fat Cells May Interact to Produce “Perfect Storm” of Inflammation That Promotes Diabetes and Other Chronic Disease

Green Tea May Boost Your Working Memory

6 New Research Confirms Multiple Benefits of Yoga on Your Body and Mind

40 Isn't Too Old to Start Intensive Exercise

7 Junk Food: Just as Bad as Cigarettes, and Marketing Tactics Also Rival Those of Big Tobacco

How to Boil Eggs: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs

8 How Alternate-Day Fasting Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

9 Strategies to Prevent Hypertension

Easier Way to Achieve Calorie Restriction Benefits

10 Changes Needed for US Vaccine Policy to Protect Human and Civil Rights

Environmental Mercury Tied to Increasing Songbird Losses

11 Obesity Epidemic Goes Global: One-in-Three Is Now Overweight or Obese

1 in 5 Elderly US Patients Injured by Medical Care

12 Flame Retardants and Fluoride—Two Neurotoxic Chemicals Again Linked to Reduced IQ

Cynicism Linked to Greater Dementia Risk, Study Finds

13 Tips for Reducing Cellulite with a Power Plate

Make Exercise About Quality, Not Quantity

14 How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Live Healthier, Longer

Functional Health Properties of Vinegar

15 Effective Treatment Protocols for Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Disease

16 15 Healthiest Foods to Stock in Your Kitchen Year-Round

Foods to Avoid If You Have Acne

17 Factory Farm Model Fails Again—Produces Virus That Has Wiped Out 10 Percent of US Pig Population in One Year

Outspoken Vaccine Advocate States Measles Vaccine Can't Prevent Measles Outbreaks

18 How the USDA Can Make or Break Public Health, and Why It Has Chosen the Latter

19 The Oft-Ignored Link Between Mental Illness and Hypothyroid Disease

Why We Laugh

20 Breakfast—Not the Most Important Meal After All...

Physical Activity Is Tied to Strong Bones

21 What Is Bok Choy Good For?

22 The Paleo Diet—Is It Right for You?

23 Butter Is Back—Processed Foods Are Identified as Real Culprits in Heart Disease

The Top Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables

24 Dis-Honest Tea CEO in Hot Water? Why Organic Brands Must Dissociate Themselves from Junk Food Industry

Be Careful: Your Garden Hose Might Be Contaminating Your Food

25 Weight Loss Supplements—Are They Worth the Cost and Potential Risks?

Viagra Frisky Might Be Melanoma Risky

26 Supporting Evidence for Aspartame-Alzheimer’s Link Emerges

Sleep and Technology Don't Mix: Why You Need to Set an Electronic Curfew

27 Gardening Provides Many Health Benefits, Including Moderate to High Intensity Exercise

Sweating Out Sadness: How Exercise Can Help the Grieving Process

28 Cereal Killers—The Movie

"Tomato Pill" Hope for Stopping Heart Disease

29 NSAID Pain Killers Linked to Irregular Heartbeat

30 Broccoli-Sprout Beverage Helps Detoxify Environmental Pollutants

Ginger's Many Evidence-Based Health Benefits Revealed