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July 2014
1 Expert Testimony: How Your Drinking Water May Be Damaging Your Brain

2 US Food Manufacturing—Science Based or Reckless?

US Healthcare: Most Expensive and Worst Performing

3 Stress Promotes Memory Decline and Dementia Later in Life

Air Pollution Linked to Cognitive Decline in Later Years

4 Exercise May Promote Diversity of Gut Bacteria

Standing Meetings May Improve Group Productivity

5 Documentary Examines How Stress Kills

The Science of Stink: What Causes Garlic Breath?

6 Drug-Free Solutions for Migraines and Headaches

7 The Who, Why, and When of Vitamin D Screening

New Research Suggests Benefits of Mammography May Be Overstated While Risks Are Underestimated

8 Pesticides Put Global Food Production at Grave Risk, International Task Force Warns

Almost 20% of Fully Vaccinated Children with Persistent Cough "Have Whooping Cough"

9 What the Latest Anthrax Blunder Can Teach Us

Doctors Lack Tools to Discuss Toxic Exposures with Pregnant Patients: Survey

10 Stress—Yes, It Really Can Trigger a Heart Attack

Tunes Could Bring Back Memories Lost to Alzheimer's

11 6 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Your Workout

Watching Too Much TV Linked to Early Death

12 What Leonardo Taught Us About the Heart

13 The Importance of Sleep, and the Hazards of “Dream Deprivation”

14 How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Why Insulin May Actually Accelerate Death, and Other Ignored Facts

How Chilies Can Be Used to Treat Pain

15 Premier Government Body of Science and Medicine Turning Into Yet Another Agency for Corporate Science

Most Evil Company Loses Court Battle in Money-Laundering Scheme

16 Top 10 Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told

Processed Foods Hurt Your Immune System and Gut Health

17 As Painkiller Addiction and Overdoses Continue to Rise, Pharmaceutical Companies Are Sued for Inciting Epidemic

Could Strenuous Exercise at Night Mean Better Sleep?

18 Secret Habits of Successful Exercisers

HIIT Your Workout

19 Toxic Hot Seat—What You Don’t Know About Flame Retardant Chemicals Can Hurt You in More Ways Than One

Beer Marinade Could Reduce Levels of Potentially Harmful Substances in Meats

20 How the Bates Method Can Help You Retrain Your Eyes to See More Clearly Again

21 How to Prevent, and Treat, Sunburn

6 Things You Didn't Know About Watermelon

22 Raw Milk versus Pasteurized—Which Is Safer?

Guys: Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Sperm

23 Factory Farmed Chicken May Be Cheap, But the Ultimate Price You Pay Is High

15 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

24 How Sugar Harms Your Brain Health and Drives Alzheimer’s Epidemic

Study: Interrupted Sleep May Be as Harmful as No Sleep at All

25 Beginners Guide to Strength Training

Starting a Backyard Flock

26 Under Our Skin—A Shocking Film Exposes the Hidden Reality of Lyme Disease

Is Biting Your Nails Dangerous - or Just Gross?

27 New Science Destroys the Saturated Fat Myth

28 7 Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier

Four Unexpected Benefits of Donating Blood

29 New Analysis Concludes Organic Food Really Is Healthier

Metal Fillings in Your Mouth Could Make You Really Sick

30 In the Wake of CDC Anthrax Release, Even More Errors Involving Deadly Pathogens Are Discovered

6 Food Industry Tricks You Don’t Know About

31 Infected Factory Farmed Meat May Be Another Causative Factor for Alzheimer's Disease

The Pharmaceutical Company Bayer and the Invention of the "Non-Addictive" Drug Heroin