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September 2014
1 Do You Really Want to Eat Hot Dogs After Knowing This?

7 Underrated Medicinal Plants

2 Monsanto Draws Outrage Over "Bee-Friendly" Facebook Post

3 The Very Real Risks of Consuming Too Much Protein

What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles?

4 Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being

America's Most Sleep-Deprived Cities

5 7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Workout

Time Outdoors Helps Kids Respect and Connect with Nature

6 How Home Gardeners Can Change the Local Food System

Can Coffee Keep Your Ears from Ringing?

7 How the FDA Deceives You About Mercury Amalgams

Recipe For Health: Cold Tomato Soup

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Vegetables

The Surprising Food Flavor That Can Help You Shed Pounds

9 Consumers for Dental Choice Unfolds Brilliant Strategy to Undo “Silver Fillings” Deception, Which Is a Major Source of Environmental Pollution

Israel Bans Fluoride

10 Certain Gut Bacteria Protect Against Food Allergies

Prescription Painkiller Deaths Fall in Medical Marijuana States

11 Safety Questions Loom Over Quorn Brand Meat Substitute

ADHD Linked to Prenatal Antidepressant Use

12 Weight Lifting Can Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Why BMI Is a Big Fat Scam

13 Mercury-Free Dentists—Pioneers and Catalysts for 21st Century Health Care

Pathogens on Planes: How to Stay Healthy in Flight

14 Why the Use of Glyphosate in Wheat Has Radically Increased Celiac Disease

Healthy Shiitake Sautéed Mushroom Recipe

15 Simple, Effective Approaches for Safely Preventing and Treating Back Pain

16 Pro-GMO Industries Increase Spending and Launch Attack to Discredit World-Famous Environmentalist in an Effort to Thwart GMO Labeling in the US

Mammography False Alarms Linked with Later Tumor Risk

17 Link Found Between Food Allergies and Farm Antibiotics

Secondhand Smoke from E-Cigarettes Contains Toxic Metals, Researchers Say

18 Lack of Sleep May Lead to Brain Shrinkage

11 Surprising Factors That Mess With Your Memory

19 Ten Minutes of Intermittent Movement for Every Hour of Sitting May Counteract Ill Health Effects of Prolonged Sitting

3 Simple Steps to Perk Up Your Posture

20 Family Meals Play Important Role In Children’s Health

Synthetic Fabrics Host More Stench-Producing Bacteria

21 Making Bone Broth a Staple in Your Diet May Be the Key to Improving Your Health

9 Healthy Kale Recipes

22 Can Water Go Bad?

Study Links Potassium to Fewer Strokes in Women

23 Two States Ready to Fight for GMO Labeling in November While Industry Pushes Bill to Remove State Rights

Experimental GMO Drug-Making Crops Grown with Little Oversight

24 Conflicts of Interest Rampant Among FDA Advisors, Study Shows

Prediabetes Increases Your Cancer Risk by 15%

25 Long-Term Use of Pills for Anxiety and Sleep Linked to Dementia

26 High Intensity Interval Training and Intermittent Fasting—Two Winning Ways to Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Exercise May Curb His Nightly Trips to the Bathroom

27 Fantastical World of Hormones

3 Reasons You Should Eat More Spicy Food

28 Why Your Chair Is Killing You, and What You Can Do About It

Is Goat Cheese Good for You?

29 Full Fat Dairy May Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes and Other Health Problems

Spirulina: A Luxury Health Food and a Possible Panacea for Malnutrition

30 Genetics Research—A Largely Failed Science Now Used for Social Control?

Fluoride Isn't the Answer, Sugar Is the Problem