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June 2015
1 Want Better Bowel Movements? Squat, Don’t Sit!

Freeze Your Spoiling Fruit

The Best Fish for Your Health and the Earth

2 A Challenge to Monsanto—Will the Biotech Giant Respond?

CAFO Birds Die, Backyard Birds Thrive

3 Hundreds of Scientists Issue Warning About Chemical Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware and Water-Repellant Items

Statin Use Inhibits Vitamin K2

Bacteria May Be Remaking Drugs in Sewage

4 Might Alzheimer’s Disease Be “Foodborne”?

“Alone Time” Is Really Good for You

5 Don't Let Them Frighten You into Giving Up This Medical Choice

Battle Ropes Have Become a Popular Fitness Tool

6 Documentary Reveals How Prolific Chemicals Are in Our Daily Lives

Two-Minute Video Could Change How You Bathe Forever

7 Suzanne Somers Reveals How to Heal from Toxic Overload

Broccoli, Watercress May Have Potent Cancer-Fighting Capacity

8 New Campaign Aims to Resolve Vitamin D Deficiency Among Pregnant Women and Children

More Evidence That a High-Fiber Diet Can Curb Type 2 Diabetes

Can Parsley Cure Bad Breath?

9 Corporate Domination of Food Threatens Cultural Identities

Where's the Science Showing Vaccines Are Safe for Really Sick People?

10 Analysis Confirms Chemicals in Food Are More Hazardous in Combination

Tattoos Last, and So Does the Pain for 1 in 10

Bad Bacteria Thrive on Unhealthy Tissue and Cells

11 Anxiety Is 800% More Prevalent Than All Cancers Combined

Neurosurgeon Reflects on the Awe and Mystery of the Brain

12 Pro Athletes Can Up Their Game by Adopting a Natural, Organic Lifestyle and So Can You

10 Mistakes You're Probably Making After Your Workout

13 New Documentary Covers the Environmental, Economic, Social, and Political Impacts of Soil

Brush or Floss? Which Comes First?

14 New Evidence of Harm from Fluoridation

Apple Energy Soup

15 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Makes Strides Toward Better Nutrition, But Fallacies Remain

6 Foods That Will Taste Better in June Than They Will All Year

Why You Should Add a Poached Egg to Your Salad

16 Video Debate Illuminates Successful Rebuttals of Claims Made by Fluoride Proponents

Ceramic Water Filtration Provides an Inexpensive Solution to Clean Water in Rural Mexico

17 Antibiotics During Infancy May Lead to Permanent Alterations in Metabolism

Your Kitchen Pantry Is Probably Still Full of Toxins

Here's How Revolting Your Contact Lenses Are

18 Synchronizing Your Body Clocks May Help Shed Excess Weight and Prevent Insulin Resistance

Go to Sleep: It May Help Prevent Alzheimer's

19 Common Exercises Known to Result in Injury

Have You Tried Agility Ladder Training?

20 The Fluoride Deception Continues as US Government Ignores Fluoride’s Role as an Endocrine Disruptor

Quieting Down Could Save Billions in Heart Disease Costs

21 Two Urgent Action Items to Stop Corporate Power Grabs and Protect Your Health

Clam and Tomato Stew Recipe

22 Adding Nuts to Your Diet May Help You Live Longer

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Benefits of Berberine

23 American Medical Association Supports the Elimination of Parents’ Right to Make Vaccine Choices, and California Takes Another Step Toward Medical Tyranny

Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

24 Certain Heartburn Drugs May Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack

The World's Population Is Getting Sicker

How Diseases Can Be Linked to Your Month of Birth

25 Scientists Find Direct Link Between Brain and Immune System

26 Lack of Exercise Can Disrupt Your Body's Circadian Rhythm and Much More

High Heels, High Risk

27 A 4th Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch

You'll Never Clean the Inside of Your Ears Again After Reading This

28 Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health

Chili Garlic Ginger Shrimp Recipe

29 Studies on Hydration Suggest Dehydrated Drivers May Pose Hazard on the Road, and Majority of Children Don’t Drink Enough Water

Top Summer Foods for Health

Anti-Cancer Benefits of Avocado

30 Pope Francis, Neil Young, and 100,000 Beekeepers Take a Stand Against Toxic Agriculture

How Conflicts of Interest Have Corrupted the CDC