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July 2015
1 Did CSPI Kill Millions By Recommending Trans Fats?

7 Top "Healthy" Foods to Avoid

10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious

2 Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to High Serotonin Levels, Throwing Treatment with SSRIs into Serious Question

Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter

3 Researchers Work on Getting Intermittent Fasting FDA Approved as Adjunct Cancer Treatment to Improve Long-Term Survival Rates

Will 10,000 Steps a Day Make You Fit?

4 Film Covers the Many Dangers of the Cheap Meat Industry

What Secrets Are Revealed in City Sewage About Health

5 Researcher Reveals Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer

Super Kale Pesto Recipe

6 Will New 2015 Dietary Guidelines Reverse Four Decades of Foolish Fat Phobia?

Mushrooms Used in Chinese Medicine Can Slow Weight Gain

What Are the Health Benefits of Chia Seeds?

7 Dissenting Lawmakers Punished as Corporate Takeover of United States Advances

GMO Fluorescent Lamb Accidentally Eaten

8 Even Non-Carcinogenic Chemicals May Cause Cancer When Combined

Average US Woman Now Weighs as Much as 1960s Man

Eating Sugar Makes You Stupid

9 Advancements in Alzheimer’s Disease Detection and Risk Assessment

7 Things Emotionally Successful People Do Differently

10 High-Quality Whey Can Boost Exercise Benefits and Help Optimize Your Health and Longevity

TV and Video Games Can Lead to Weaker Bones

11 “The Organic Life” Chronicles a Year in the Life of One Organic Farmer

Swimming Safety: Avoid Common Dangers at the Pool This Summer

12 The Science Behind Food Addiction, and Helpful Tools on the Path to Recovery

Grapefruit and Arugula Salad with Avocado Recipe

13 Research Reveals the Importance of Your Microbiome for Optimal Health

13 Health Foods That Taste Better Than Junk Foods

20 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

14 California Enacts Vaccine Law That Forces Parents to Choose Between Human Rights and Civil Rights

Scientific Review Shows Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities

15 CAFO Collapse - How Factory Farms Are Failing Fast

10 Sources of Endocrine Disruptors and How to Avoid Them

Are Tonsil Stones the Reason for Your Bad Breath?

16 Scientific Links Between Processed Foods and Depression Keep Getting Stronger

How Much Less Sleep Are You Getting Than Everyone Else?

17 How to Maximize Results from Your Push-Ups, from Beginners to Advanced Routines

How Fit Are You, Really?

18 How OxyContin Became the Most Dangerous and Hottest Selling Narcotic in History

Here's What Happens to Steak When You Grill It

19 How Regenerative Agriculture Can Go Large-Scale, with the Help of Chickens

Garlic Spiced Collard Greens Recipe

20 Flavor Manufacturers’ Trade Group Is the De Facto Regulator of Flavor Additives in the US

Essential Tips for Treating Sunburn

Asparagus Can Help Fight High Blood Pressure

21 While Mandatory Vaccination Laws Are Enacted, Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Is Failing

Mercury Fillings: Consumers Contacting Aetna to Change Insurance

22 Aspartame Update: Coke Illegally Claims Diet Soda Can Combat Obesity, and Researchers Propose Autism Link

Diabetes Disaster

Microwaves and Plastic: A Dangerous Combo

23 Antidepressants Causing Birth Defects and Are Found in Water Supplies

24 The Many Health Benefits of Sweating

Super Shoulder Toning Moves

25 Sugar Industry Secrets Exposed

Living Near Trees Is Good for Your Health

26 How to Quickly and Easily Optimize Your Garden’s Growth Potential

Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

27 Obesity Will Soon Overtake Smoking as Principal Cause of Cancer

Why Is Spicy Food Good for You?

10 Superfoods for Digestive Health

28 Mammograms Again Found to Have No Impact on Mortality

GM Salmon Headed to Rivers and Stores Near You

29 Lyme Disease on the Rise As Tick Epidemic Spreads Across the US

Is Almond Milk a Rip Off?

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

30 How Depression Affects Your Brain Structure

10 Signs You Need a Vacation

31 How to Make Exercise a Lifelong Habit

Exercise Reduces Your Cancer Risk