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February 15, 2016 - Issue 3467

How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Problems With Food

Urine Color

February 15, 2016

And a dead giveaway you're overeating these 2 popular foods that place significant stress on your kidneys, which throws your red blood cells out of whack. Please listen to this red flag before it's too late.

Boost Your Lung Health and Other Surprising Benefits of Eating More Fiber

high fiber vegetables

February 15, 2016

By increasing your intake of fiber-rich veggies and psyllium, you can unlock the many "secret" powers of fiber, including a boost to your lung health. Unfortunately, many Americans do not consume nearly enough dietary fiber.

What Are Carrots Good For?

health benefits carrots

February 15, 2016

This crunchy, healthy root vegetable is most well-known for boosting vision health, but its benefits extend far past your eyes. Eating carrots may reduce your risk of multiple chronic diseases, boost your skin health, and much more.