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March 2016
1 Pro-GMO Train Running Off Its Track

Gates' Predictable Plan Is Coming True

2 Heartburn Can Be Treated Without Hazardous, Habit Forming Drugs

America's Baby Catastrophe

Is Your Body a Toxic Dump for Corporations?

3 What Happens in Your Body When You’re Sleep Deprived?

Deceleration: The Art of Slowing Down

4 Exercise Helps Shrink Tumors and Combats Cancer in Many Ways

New Research Supports Standing Desks for Students

5 Modern Research Reveals Your Heart Does Have a Mind of Its Own

What Can We Learn From Paleo Poo?

6 Could Eating the Right Fats Save 1 Million Lives per Year?

7 How Probiotics and Fiber Helps Combat Malnutrition

What Is Coriander Good For?

Health Benefits of Inulin

8 Hospital-Acquired Infections, Dangerous Tests and Other Medical Cover-Ups

Making the Decision to Switch to Raw Milk

9 7 Domestic Factors That Can Make or Break Your Health

Texting and Driving: A Serious Killer

Infant Dangers Even Worse Than the Moldy Sippy Cups

10 Anxiety Drug Overdoses in U.S. Hit Record Levels

11 Autophagy — How Your Body Detoxifies and Repairs Itself

Big Health Benefits to Small Weight Loss

12 Healing With the Power of Placebo

Teary Facts About the Science of Crying

13 Nourishing Your Gut Bacteria Is Critical for Health and Mental Well-Being

14 How Dermatologists Fuel Chronic Disease Rates With Their Flawed Sun Exposure Guidelines

Favorite Flavonoids to Fight Aging and Disease

The Magic of Mushrooms

15 Regenerative Farming — One Solution That Solves Many Problems

Will Monsanto Feed the People They Poison?

16 How Government Enables the Opioid Epidemic and Tax-Payers Help Fund It

Female Drug Fails to Deliver What It Promotes

Your Fish Is on Drugs

17 The Importance of B Vitamins for Brain Health and Combating Dementia

Skimping on Sleep Can Lead to the Munchies

18 Overtraining Can Decrease Your Immune Function and Tax Your Adrenals

5 Reasons to Skip a Workout, According to a Fitness Expert

19 Food and Drugmakers Fight Antibiotic Regulation Even As Reports of Human Risks Grow

This Is Why You Have Gray Hair

20 Study Finds Evidence of Connection between Arthritis Flare-Ups and Weather Conditions

21 Eat More Nuts, and Sooner Too

More Love for Olives

What Is Licorice Root Good For?

22 Is the USDA Just a Corporate Lobbyist Group?

Monsanto Is Inside Everything

23 More Than Half of The American Diet is Ultra-Processed Junk Food

Dangers of Hidden Poisons in Your Food

How to Help Protect Against Colon Cancer

24 How Chronic Stress Promotes Spread of Cancer, and What You Can Do About It

Increasing Concern Over Antidepressant Overprescription

25 Fasting Can Help You Live Longer

You Shouldn't Sit All Day Long

26 Toxic Water Crisis in Flint — Could This Happen In Your City?

Plants Are Smarter Than You Think

27 Restoring Your Health Through Nutritional Movement

28 For Healthy Skin, Feed Your Body Right

Delving Into the Benefits of Dill

Are You Picking Your Produce Right?

29 Court Finds GMA Guilty of Unlawful Shenanigans, Monsanto Has a New Immunity Rider, and Two More Academics Outed as 'Fronts'

The Nitrogen Ticking Time Bomb

30 1 in 4 Deaths Linked to Air Pollution

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer

B12 Deficiency Caused by This Popular Drug

31 How the Weather Can Affect Your Mood