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October 2016
1 Global Water Pollution Has Reached Frightening High

14 Practical Reasons to Stock a Bottle of Castor Oil at Home

2 Candida Albicans — How It May Affect Your Health, and How to Address It

3 Full-Fat Cheese Has Many Health Benefits, Including Weight Loss

The Significance of Selenium

Keep the Light on for Better Sex

4 How One Man Is Destroying Our Health and Environment

Be Prepared for Your Next Dental Appointment

FDA Is Pharma's Lapdog, Not a Watchdog

5 How Doughnut Bribes Helped Build America’s Opioid Addiction

Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates in the US Are a Tragic Embarrassment

Smoking Damages Your DNA for Decades

6 Stress Hurts a Healthy Diet

Clary sage oil may be pricey, but its benefits are priceless

7 Falls Are Among the Leading Cause of Injury and Death for Seniors

Go Ahead and Jump — It's Good for You!

8 How 1 Company Is Helping Solve Clean Water Crisis

Can Kidney Stone Removal Actually Be Fun?

9 Depression’s Link to Inflammation Gains Strength

10 How to Heal Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Like Crohn’s Disease

Honey May Be a Natural Way to Beat Bacteria

Can Pickle Juice Prevent Muscle Cramps?

11 Flu Vaccine Effectiveness in Question

The FDA and Big Pharma Are Too Cozy

New Safety Regulations for Cosmetics — Better Regulated by States

12 Care What You Wear: The Benefits of Becoming Clothing Conscious

92 Percent of the World Population Breathes Polluted Air

Sugar Hides Under Many Different Names on Food Labels

13 Ancient Wisdom Teachings for Greater Happiness

Study: ADHD Drugs Fail to Help Kids Complete Homework

Help your body heal with hyssop oil

14 Resistance Bands Help Build Muscle and Power While Reducing Risk of Injury

Basic Yoga Moves to Improve Balance, Mood and Flexibility

15 Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health

Conquer Your Email Inbox, Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

16 The Complete Guide to Fasting: A Special Interview With Dr. Jason Fung

17 Mustard Greens and Seeds Offer Potent Health Benefits

Omega-3s Can Help Lupus

What Is Molybdenum?

18 How First Lady’s Organic Garden Became a Junk Food Campaign

Water Wars — Destroying the Essence of Life

Industrial Ag Is Not Feeding the World, but It's Feeding Babies Pesticides

19 Environmental Signs Suggest Atrazine Is Becoming a Serious Health Threat

Would You Like Some Food With Your Plasticizers?

The High Priced Bandage for a Heroin Hemorrhage

20 The Link Between Birth Control Pills and Depression

Vetiver oil: The soothing grass oil

21 How 'Exercise Hormone' Helps Improve Your Weight and Health

How a Workout Buddy Can Improve Your Fitness Success

22 ‘Consumed’ — A Film Where Fiction Melds With GMO Facts

A Solid Plan to Conquer Clutter in Your Kitchen

23 How LED Lighting May Compromise Your Health

24 Neem Shows Promise in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Growing Leafy Greens in Your Garden

Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart

25 This Year’s Mammogram Month Launched With Devastating Report on Harms and Lack of Effectiveness

Hurricane Floodwaters Cause CAFO Waste Lagoons to Overflow

Crying Over Spilled Milk

26 How Soda Companies Influence Policy Through Ties With Public Health Organizations

Why Hospital Beds Should Have Warning Signs

Soylent Sickness

27 Top Environmental Risk Factors for Dementia Identified

Treating Pain Without Drugs

Tea Tree Oil Uses and Benefits You Shouldn’t Take for Granted

28 The Alexander Technique for Back Pain

How Exercise Can Help Improve Metabolic Control in Type 1 Diabetes

29 How Regenerative Farming Methods Can Restore Ecology and Rebuild Communities

Why Is Butter Yellow If Milk Is White?

30 New Cookbook Demystifies Process of Following a Ketogenic Diet

31 CoQ10 — A Nutritional Powerhouse for Mitochondrial Health

Edible Petals — Flowers That Taste as Good as They Look

What Are Pumpkins Good For?