Current Health News

March 1, 2017 - Issue 3847

Legal Filing Accuses EPA of Unfairly Protecting Monsanto

epa accused of colluding with monsanto

March 1, 2017

Despite the raging controversy, you don't want to fall victim to this health bomb. Linked to cancer, obesity, liver disease, fertility problems and more, this travesty is definitely one to avoid if you hope to shun disease and early death. And whatever you do, don't trust the EPA on this.

Most People Are Now Flame Retardant

flame retardant chemicals

March 1, 2017

Chemical flame retardants in carpeting, computers, baby toys and food containers can be absorbed several ways and cause serious, long-lasting problems such as cancer, fertility problems and hormonal changes. The toxins are cumulative. What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

New Approved Cancer Drugs Failing Miserably

cancer drugs failing miserably

March 1, 2017

Cancer affects millions worldwide every year. Unfortunately, mainstream research has not made significant breakthroughs in treatment for at least a decade. I'll give you two powerful prevention and treatment strategies.