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March 7, 2017 - Issue 3853

How CDC Uses False Fears to Promote Vaccine Uptake

CDC promotes vaccination

March 7, 2017

Recent studies suggest it triggers psychiatric disorders, as well as autism in unborn babies. Yet doctors have been hoodwinked into hawking this as a boon for your health. Avoid it like the plague, because the damage it leaves behind can be permanent, and you'll be holding the bag.

Superbug Risk Is Alarmingly High


March 7, 2017

A report released by the European Union shows antimicrobial resistance remains high in bacteria from humans, animals and food. If trends continue, some experts estimate that by 2050, drug-resistant infections may kill more than 10 million people every year.

USA Today Ridiculed for Column by Industry Front Group

usa today

March 7, 2017

Media outlet USA Today continues to publish science columns authored by members of a non-profit organization that claims to be independent but is actually a well-known industry front group — without disclosing the authors’ true corporate ties and agendas.