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June 2017
1 Tips and Tricks to Resolve Common Sleep Problems

When Motherhood Leads to Depression

Carry Your Stress Away With Caraway Oil

2 Tai Chi Can Reduce Risk for Falls for Elderly

Smart Strategies Address Unique Challenges When You Start Running After 40

3 Acclaimed Documentary Explores Global Health Consequences of Eating Too Much Sugar

Parasites in Pools Are on the Rise

4 How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Repair and Regenerate Your Body

5 Why Coconut Oil Is So Good for You

How the Right Knife Can Increase Nutrients

Ginger Fights Obesity

6 New Studies Reveal Vaccine Harm

Factory Farms Belong in a Museum

Mounting Evidence Grows Against Diet Soda

7 Best and Worst Sunscreens of 2017

Study Confirms: Trans Fats Policy Killed Millions

Toxic Chemicals in Tampons May Increase Your Health Risks

8 How Music Helps Unlock Memories and Improve Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

Air Pollution Is Linked to Poor Sleep

How Cardamom Seed Oil Can Work for You

9 Innovative Ways to Create the Perfect Vegetable Garden

All About Growing Celery

10 How to Live To Be 100

Remembering the World’s Oldest Person: Objects She Left Behind

11 Movement to Remove Fluoride From US Water Supplies Continues

12 What the NY Times Doesn't Want You to Know About My New Book

Love Your Heart, Eat Chocolate

More Good News for Coffee Drinkers: It Benefits Your Liver

13 Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US Based on Neurotoxicity Studies

Heavy Metals, Poisons and Deficiencies Are Causing Autism Epidemic

The Very Real Dangers of New Gene-Editing Technology

14 Drugged Driving Now Causes More Fatal Crashes Than Drunk Driving

What Happens to Your Body When You Use the Internet

Is it Time to Dump Your Toothpaste?

15 Alzheimer’s Deaths Exceed Half a Million a Year in the US

How to Stay Calm Among Chaos

Crafty Uses for Carrot Seed Oil

16 Yoga Offers New Hope for Victims of Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Water Outperforms Sport Drinks

17 Short Film Reveals the Lunacy of Water Fluoridation

Can Handwashing With Cold Water Really Kill Germs?

18 How to Recover From Burnout By Rebalancing Your Life

19 Cherries — A Potent Super Food

Paying Respect to Dr. Kummerow

Boil Your Unpeeled Carrots for Maximum Nutrition

20 How Organic Is Your Organic Milk?

Factory Farms Consuming the US

Sanderson and Merck Caught Deceiving Consumers

21 How Misuse of a Single Paragraph Ended Up Killing 60,000 Americans Per Year

The Worst Kind of Meat

The Heroes Who Sunk Lead

22 Probiotics Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Too Many Children Taking Melatonin

Jump-start your health with lemon eucalyptus oil

23 Growing Malabar Spinach — A Summer Green That Loves the Heat

Growing Basil in Your Home

24 Documentary Investigates the Causes and Ramifications of Stress-Related Burnout

Homemade Ant Bait — Less Toxic and More Effective

25 Dietary Fats — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

26 Broccoli Compound Lowers Risk of Obesity and Helps Treat Diabetes

Why You Should Always Use Organic Red Onions

Health Benefits of Artichokes

27 Many Veterans Are Denied Benefits for Vaccine Injuries

Sunless Tanning Drug Sure to Increase Skin Cancer

Toxic Clothing Affects Everyone

28 Obesity Takes Greater Than Ever Toll on Global Health

If You Eat French Fries or Potato Chips, This Will Stop You

How to Get Rid of a Stye in Your Eye

29 Anxiety Overtakes Depression as No. 1 Mental Health Problem

Drug-Free Ways to Help Balance Female Hormones

Putting the spotlight on coriander seed oil

30 Why Strength Training Is so Important for Optimal Health

Warmups and Cool-Downs — What Works and What Doesn’t