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October 2017
1 How Natural Textile Dyes May Protect Health and Promote Environmental Sustainability

2 Vitamin E Helps Decrease Your Cancer Risk

What Is Coralberry?

Gut Bacteria a Key to Health

3 Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy Correlates to Lower IQ in Their Children

Federal Officials Alerting Consumers About Dangerous Mattress Chemicals

New Study Shows Artificial Sweeteners Can Lead to Diabetes

4 Over 3 Million Acres Damaged by ‘Chemical Arson’ as Plants Wither and Die From Chemical Burns

Essential Oils — An Effective and Healthy Option to Treat Headaches

Most Sea Salt Contains Plastic Fragments

5 Should Antidepressants Be Given Prophylactically to Nondepressed Individuals?

Alzheimer's Disease: New Genetic Culprit Found

Let sweet basil oil boost your health today

6 Getting 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise Could Prevent 1 in 12 Premature Deaths

Don't Skimp on Strength Training

7 The Rarely Discussed Reality of Radioactive Pollution

How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver

8 How Spore Probiotics Can Help You

9 Eat More Purple Foods for Cancer Prevention and a Healthier Gut and Heart

Macro Versus Micro Nutrients

Ketogenic Diet Study Confirms Massive Anti-Inflammatory Effects

10 Whooping Cough Reemergence Traced Back to Vaccine Failure and Flawed Assumptions

Monsanto Banned From Parliament

Ben & Jerry's Responds to Boycott Dirty Dairy

11 The Shocking Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Fabric and Leather Industries

This Federal Agency Is Concerned About the Rising Rate of Antibiotic-Resistant STDs

Bedbugs Like the Smell of Dirty Laundry

12 What Is the Best Position for Sleep?

Moods Are Contagious: Good and Bad

What Are Parsley Oil’s Uses and Benefits?

13 How to Grow Ginger at Home

Guide to Growing Melons

14 Fluoride: Poison on Tap

How Long Should You Wash Your Hands?

15 The Effects of Biodynamic Farming on the Environment and Food Quality

16 Why Organic Mustard Seed Powder Is an Essential Kitchen Staple

Eat Your Prunes

Spicy Foods Offer Much More Than Heat

17 Gulf of Mexico Now Largest Dead Zone in the World, and Factory Farming Is to Blame

Big Chickens, Little Nutrition

75 Percent of Honey Contaminated With Pesticides

18 Obesity Responsible for 40 Percent of Diagnosed Cancers

Safe Alternatives to Toxic Mothballs

Medical Mistakes Affect 1 in 5 People

19 7 Ways to Minimize Jet Lag

Study: 12 Percent of Depression Could Be Prevented With 1 Hour of Exercise a Week

Benefits of comfrey oil outweigh its toxic effects

20 MovNat: Movement Training for Motion and Exercise

Total Body Workout With Planks

21 Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind

Does Sickness Smell?

22 A Body in Motion Stays Healthier Longer

23 Buyer Beware: Most Collagen Supplements Sourced From CAFOs

Moringa Goes Mainstream

Bananas and Avocados Can Prevent Heart Attacks

24 Are C-Sections Contributing to Autism?

Latest Major Threat to Bees and Trees

Family Farms Attacked While Criminal CAFOs Protected

25 Is Most Back Pain Caused by Repressed Emotions?

Why You Should Never Share Towels

Research Finds Sugar Changes Metabolism in Even the Healthiest of People

26 How Meditation Benefits Your Body and Mind

Go Ahead and Cry

Ashwagandha May Help Manage Stress and Anxiety

27 Tips on Growing Collard Greens

Growing Turmeric Is Easier Than You Think

28 How Astroturfing and Other Media Manipulation Compromise Your Ability to Get Truthful Information

Can Adults Develop Food Allergies?

29 Laboratory Testing Reveals Substantial Amounts of Glyphosate in Foods and Population

30 New Finding: Broccoli Helps Heal Leaky Gut

What Is Bitter Orange?

Catechins Can Help Your Heart and Brain

Test Your Knowledge with the Mercola Quiz

31 Diet Soda Makers Sued Over Deceptive, False and Misleading Advertising

Fluoride — A Little Bit at the Wrong Time Is Devastating

The Vanishing — Insect Extinction Is Another Canary in the Coal Mine