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December 2017
1 Exercise Lowers Odds of Back Pain by One-Third

How High Intensity Exercise Can Significantly Decrease Your Risk for Blindness

2 How Metabolic Therapies Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases

Bad News for Fast Eaters

3 Why a Low-Sodium Diet Might Wreck Your Health

4 Chinese Herb Shows Promise Against Tooth Decay

Why Is Chlorella Considered a Superfood?

Aloe Vera Effective for Most Psoriasis

Weekly Health Quiz: Mushrooms, Depression and Salt

5 Vaccine Deficient Employees Fired to Gain Health Care Funding

Government Falsifies Warning on Kratom to Protect Opioids

Roundup Creates Antibiotic Resistance

6 Big Sugar Buried Evidence to Hide Sugar Harms

Will Most Sunscreens Be Eventually Banned?

Are Your Unscented Products Truly Fragrance-Free?

7 Is Cognitive Training the Answer for Dementia?

7 Supplements That Help Fight Holiday Stress

Why Vanilla Beans Are Absolutely Worth It

8 How to Grow Endive

Guide to Growing Chives

9 Mental Turmoil: Depression Treatment Drives Users to Murder, Suicide

How to Pick the Best Produce at the Grocery Store

10 The Importance of Electromagnetic Field Remediation in the Treatment of Chronic Disease

11 Big Pharma Tries to Monopolize CBD Oil Market

Poop Pills Can Combat Deadly Infections

Is Eating Eggshells Beneficial?

Dr. Mercola's Weekly Health Quiz

12 Dirt Shirts and SITO: Promoting Organic Apparel and Eco-Friendly Fashion

Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries

Teflon Town: A Toxic Legacy

13 The Nutrition Wars and Downfall of Big Food

Can a Cocoa Compound Delay Diabetes?

Glitter Has Become a Global Hazard

14 Organic Leaders Take Fight for Authentic Organics to the Grocery Aisles

Catastrophic Consequences of Chronic Sleep Deprivation

Cloves Can Help Improve Your Oral Health and Immune Function

15 Intense Workouts Preserve Your Memory Function

Resistance Training Boosts Well-Being in Your Later Years

16 How Much Do You Really Know About Vaccine Safety?

How Can You Tell if Eggs Have Expired?

17 How Fasting and Minimizing Lectins Can Benefit Your Health

18 The Many Benefits of NAC — One of the Most Important Supplements You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

How to Make a Natural Odor Eliminator

Six Powerful Home Remedies for Acne

Weekly Health Quiz: Cotton, Dementia and Organic Certification

19 Will McDonald’s Transition to Regenerative Agriculture?

700,000 Children Will Suffer This Severe Vaccine Side Effect

Officials Admit Flu Vaccine 2017 Likely Worthless

20 Are You Ready for the Darkest Day of the Year?

Blood Pressure Treatment Linked to More Disease

Mammograms Are a Tragic Lie

21 Keys to Coping With Grief During the Holidays

Do You Have Hypnic Jerks?

Palmarosa Oil: A Potent Way to Improve Skin Health

22 How to Grow Artichokes

How to Grow Moringa Tree

23 Unveiling the Depths of the Human Psyche: Psychedelics May Unlock Parts of the Mind That Are Normally Inaccessible

Skip Microwaved Eggs

24 What You Really Need to Know About Heart Disease and Its Treatment

25 Grateful Greetings From Dr. Mercola

The Stories Behind Our Christmas Traditions

Weekly Health Quiz: Fast Food, Grief and Artichokes

26 Introduction to Ghost in the Machine — A New Article Series That Exposes How Puppet Masters Control the Planet for Their Benefit

Ghost in the Machine, Part 1 — Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma

Ghost in the Machine, Part 2 — Success Breeds Greed That Gets in the Way of Ethics, Common Sense and Caution

Ghost in the Machine, Part 3 — Pride and the Politics of Vaccines

Ghost in the Machine, Part 4 — The War on Supplements, Essential Oils and Homeopathy

Ghost in the Machine, Part 5 — Lies, Denial, Deceit and Manipulative ‘Research’

Ghost in the Machine Part 6: Mainstream Media Censors News That Threatens Its Financial Interests

Farmers Incentivized With Cash to Spray New Poison

The Logic, Wisdom and Scientific Evidence for the Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza

27 Canola Oil Proven to Destroy Your Body and Mind

Air Pollution Damages Neurons, Leads to Infertility and Birth Defects

28 5 Ways To Be Happy and Healthy

Cinnamon bark oil: The “cure-all” oil?

29 Training Your Mind as Well as Your Body

30 Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Blood Is Red?