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September 2018
1 What You Need to Know About Your Fascia

Positive Opioid Tests After Eating Poppy Seeds

Butterfly Pea Tea: Be Captivated by This Color-Changing Drink

2 How to Achieve Superior Detoxification and Health Benefits With Near-Infrared Light

Eczema: An Introduction to This Chronic Skin Disorder

3 Eating Early Dinner Aids Weight Loss and Lowers Cancer Risk

Grass Fed Beef Supports Your Mitochondria

A Maple Leaf to Prevent Wrinkles

Weekly Health Quiz: Mushrooms, Back Pain and Loneliness

4 Preharvest Use of Glyphosate Poisons Kids’ Food

New Report Makes Dairy Shopping Easy

Raw Milk Vending Machines Flourish in Europe

5 New Splenda Studies Confirm Its Dangers

Can Clay Stop Infections?

Antibiotics Send 70,000 Kids to the ER

6 How Chronic Lack of Sleep Affects Economy, Productivity and Health

1.2 Million-Person Study Shows How Much Exercise You Need to Benefit Mental Health

Calm Your Body and Mind With Mandarin Orange Oil

7 8 Fitness 'Tips' That Are Doing More Harm Than Good

Why Are Obstacle Course Races so Popular?

8 Lead Trial Counsel Reveals Evidence That Led to Historic Win Against Monsanto

Teens Increasingly Choosing Screens Over Books and Reading

Get Energy Boosts and Other Yerba Mate Tea Benefits Today

9 The Use of EMF Filters for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

10 Who's Behind the Claim That Coconut Oil Is Pure Poison?

UK Guidelines Recommend Honey for Cough, Not Antibiotics

Baby Poop Can Help Treat Disease

Weekly Health Quiz: Pesticides, Exercise and EMFs

11 Banned Drugs Found in Your Meat

Most Urinary Tract Infections Are Caused by Raw Chicken

STDs Still Skyrocketing and Becoming Untreatable

12 Insect-Borne Chagas Disease Becoming More Prevalent in the US

Diabetes Meds Are Infecting Genitals With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The Health Risks of Excessive Earwax

13 Placebos Can Work Even When You Know You’re Taking a Dummy Pill

Are Happy People Healthier?

Spearmint oil: The gentler mint oil

14 How to Grow Cumin

How to Grow Kohlrabi

15 Generation Zapped

Gut Bacteria Enzyme Can Change Blood Type A Into Much-Needed Type O

Find Out How Fennel Tea May Work Wonders for You

16 How to End the Autism Epidemic

Introduction to Hiatal Hernia: A Potentially Dangerous Digestive Condition

17 How Curcumin Targets Cancer

Can Okra Help Control Your Hunger and Diabetes?

Can Potatoes Be Considered Healthy?

Weekly Health Quiz: Cumin, Autism and Insulin

18 Strange Bedfellows: GMO and Vaccine Partnerships

A Plastic Future — Recycle, Reuse and Avoid

The Zombie Chicken Business

19 Phthalate Exposure Threatens Human Survival

Catheters Are Spreading Superbugs

Common Painkiller Is Causing Many Heart Attacks

20 Inspirational Speaker Claire Wineland Dies One Week After Lung Transplant

Can You Decrease Jet Lag With Exposure to Light?

Captivate Your Senses With Kava

21 12 Foods to Eat to Avoid Sore Muscles

What Is the Ideal Sport to Increase Your Life Span?

22 Accountant Quits Day Job and Starts a Chicken Farm

The Perfect Position to Poop

Rooibos Tea: A Caffeine-Free Tea That’s Bursting With Antioxidants

23 NVIC Vaccine Updates

Cystic Fibrosis: An Introduction to This Genetic Disease

24 Eight Important Health Screens Commonly Overlooked

Fennel Seeds Are a Potent Booster of Nitric Oxide

Is Full-Fat Dairy Good for Your Heart?

Weekly Health Quiz: Soreness, Curcumin and Life Expectancy

25 The Pertussis Vaccine Blame Game

What Happens When a Hurricane Hits a CAFO?

Seals Getting Shot for the Sake of Disease-Ridden Salmon

26 Billionaire Opioid Executive Stands to Make Millions More on Patent for Addiction Treatment

Plastics: We Know They Are Dangerous — What Can We Do to Protect Our Planet and Ourselves?

What Do Air Filters Have to Do With Your Blood Pressure?

27 US Vaccine Exemptions Remain Secure in 2018 — NVIC’s 2018 Annual Report on US State Vaccine Legislation: Breakdown, Trends and Predictions

Sleep Apnea Can Increase Your Risk for Gout

Witch Hazel May Work Wonders on Your Skin

28 Drug Companies Pay FDA and NIH Pays Universities to Fast Track and Market Vaccines

How to Grow Mint at Home

29 Shocking Flaws in Gardasil Trial Design Prevents Safety Assessment

Got Kidney Stones? A Roller-Coaster Ride May Help

An Introduction to Astigmatism

30 Swimming in Circles: Aquaculture and the End of Wild Oceans

Liven Up Your Life With Linden Tea