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December 6, 2018 - Issue 4497

Lessons from a Century After the Flu Epidemic of 1918: How Conventional Medicine Killed Millions and How Homeopathic Medicines Saved Millions

homeopathic flu remedies

December 6, 2018

Before you get frightened into taking the flu shot this winter, take a look back in history and see what really caused over 50 million people to die as a result of the influenza epidemic of 1918. Believe it or not, you'll still find it in your local pharmacy today.

7 Strategies to Help Handle Holiday Stress

holiday stress

December 6, 2018

If for you the holidays are synonymous with chaos, stress and never-ending to-do lists, these seven stress-busting strategies can help. From exercising and meditation to optimizing your vitamin D levels and gut health, there are tools at your disposal to create a sense of calm, even during the holiday madness.

Turmeric: How This Spice Can Potentially Improve Your Health

turmeric herb

December 6, 2018

Turmeric is a unique spice that not only delivers exceptional flavor to food, but also provides your body with many health-boosting benefits.