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December 16, 2018 - Issue 4507

Why Cancer Needs To Be Treated as a Metabolic Disease

cancer as a metabolic disease

December 16, 2018

Make no mistake, the established dogma is wrong - and this popular treatment should be avoided at all costs as it impairs the immune system designed to keep you alive. Truth is, more people die from the treatment than the disease itself.

Try This Flavorful Paleo Cabbage Soup Recipe

paleo cabbage soup

December 16, 2018

If you want to treat yourself to something warm and tasty, but you also want to get a health boost, try this delicious and filling cabbage soup recipe.

An Introduction to High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

December 16, 2018

A condition that's prevalent in people 25 years old and over worldwide, high blood pressure is typically symptomless until after it has done significant damage to your cardiovascular health. Find out its causes and how you can lower your risk for this disease.