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January 2019
1 Top 5 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

CAFO California — One of the Most Polluted Places on Earth

Can Beavers Clean Our Water and Restore Wild Salmon Populations?

2 Top 11 Tips to Become an Expert at Recycling

More Pets, Fewer Allergies

Dental Fillings Linked to Pregnancy Risk

3 Top 33 Tips to Optimize Your Sleep Routine

Top 7 Foods to Help Fight Depression

Lemon Verbena Oil: The Oldie but Goodie Culinary Herb

4 Top 8 Benefits of Squats

Daily Walks May Decrease Severity of First Time Strokes

5 Top 5 Reasons to Eat Organic

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the World in Coming Decades

Chasteberry: Facts About ‘The Women’s Herb’

6 Top Tips to Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

Comforting Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Glutathione: The ‘Master Antioxidant’ That Your Body Needs

7 Top 13 Reasons to Replace Dangerous Oils With Healthy Fats

Top 14 Tamarind Health Benefits

Tea Tree Oil for Warts and Cold Sores

Weekly Health Quiz: Sleep, Exercise and Recycling

8 Top Tips to Build a Stronger Back to Manage Your Pain

Growing Hemp Legalized in This Country

Makers of Marlboro Invest in Juul E-Cigs

9 Top 4 Reasons to Check Your Iron Level, Not Your Cholesterol

Should You Wash Your Produce?

Antibiotics Linked to Fatal Heart Condition

10 Top 11 Reasons to Start Using Frankincense Oil

Peppers to Help Prevent Parkinson's

Peppermint Oil: A Potent Oil With the Power of Menthol

11 Top Gardening Tips to Build Better Health

Your Guide for Growing Okra

12 Top 7 Ways to Support Sustainable Fashion

Baking Soda, an Inexpensive Way to Combat Autoimmune Disorders

Balancing Hormones, Easing PMS and More: Red Clover Tea Benefits You Can Count On

13 Pumpkin Cider Cake Recipe

An Introduction to Addison’s Disease

14 Top 9 Reasons to Optimize Your Nitric Oxide Production

Arugula Helps Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Less Salt or More Potassium and Fiber?

Weekly Health Quiz: Iron, Cooking Oils and Back Pain

15 Top 19 Tips to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

The Surprising Link Between Teflon and the Atomic Bomb

Why Are Your Oranges Covered With Antibiotics?

16 Top 8 Nontoxic Cleaners You Can Use at Home

Scombroid Poisoning Could Be The Most Common Reason For Allergic Reactions to Seafood

Ibuprofen Alters Human Physiology

17 Top 12 Tips to Strengthen Gratitude

Are You Surrounded and Stressed by Clutter?

Bay Oil: The Essential Oil for Men

18 Top 22 Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Eating Right and Exercise Can Turn Back the Clock on Your Brain’s Age

19 Top Reasons to Support Groundwater Preservation

Will Our Time on Earth Be Preserved in Chicken Bones?

9 Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

20 Top Reasons to Meditate Daily

Zucchini Noodles With Rich Tomato Sauce Recipe

Listeria Infection: Symptoms, Causes and the Dangers It May Pose

21 Top Reasons to Make Magnesium a Priority

Striking Health Benefits of Bee Propolis and Royal Jelly

Top Health Benefits of Eating Tripe

Weekly Health Quiz: Pollution, Diabetes and Meditation

22 Top Tips to Avoid Pharmaceutical Injury

Ben & Jerry's Loses the Legal Battle for Misinforming Consumers

The Government Is Keeping Your Child's DNA

23 Top 6 Tips to Prevent Constipation

How Can Dental Floss Be Dangerous?

Coke Caught Influencing Health Policy Again, Increasing Obesity

24 Top 9 Nutrients for Better Brain Health

A Bigger Belly Could Lead to a Smaller Brain

Rose Absolute Oil: An Elegant Fragrance in a Bottle

25 Top 10 Benefits of Planks and Pushups

How to Lose Subcutaneous Fat

26 Top 7 Tips to Balance Your Hormones

8 Fruits and Veggies That Could Be Considered Poisonous

Chamomile: Still a Top Choice for Improved Well-Being

27 Top Tips to Detox Your Body

Chicken Oregano Recipe

Costochondritis: An Introduction to This Painful Condition

28 Top 7 Kitchen Essentials

Curcumin Helps Patient Recovery

6 Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Weekly Health Quiz: Pushups, Planks and Glyphosate

29 Top 6 Reasons to Support Regenerative Agriculture

EU Infiltrated by Pesticide Industry Plagiarizes Safety Study

Awkward Flu Jabs Attempted at Golden Globes

30 Top 3 Dangers of LED Lights

Lancet Partners With Poison Makers to Give Food Advice

Vaping Addicts Have No Treatment Options

31 Top Breathing Techniques for Better Health

Your Heart Needs More Than Six Hours of Sleep Nightly

Safflower: An Economically Important Herb That Can Benefit Both Humans and Animals Alike