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January 9, 2019 - Issue 4531

Top 4 Reasons to Check Your Iron Level, Not Your Cholesterol

iron toxicity

January 9, 2019

Do you know your levels of this Alzheimer's trigger? If you discover your levels of this brain-tangling substance are too high, take action sooner, not later. Or you're just begging for a devastating Alzheimer's diagnosis. Ditto for diabetes and early death. I urge you, don't ignore this marker.

Should You Wash Your Produce?

washing fresh produce

January 9, 2019

The government recommends you don’t wash meat to reduce the spread of foodborne pathogens, but does recommend washing produce to get rid of bacteria. I’ll share strategies to reduce your exposure to pesticides and foodborne pathogens.

Antibiotics Linked to Fatal Heart Condition

antibiotics trigger heart disease

January 9, 2019

This antibiotic contributes to rising problems with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, kidney stones and psychotic episodes; recent data demonstrates it increases your risk of a fatal heart condition. I’ll share how to avoid this risk.