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January 22, 2019 - Issue 4544

Top Tips to Avoid Pharmaceutical Injury

prevention of medical errors

January 22, 2019

These life-saving tips can keep you from becoming a statistic. Killing 250,000 people each year, the third leading cause of death in this country isn't a disease, and it strikes when you think you're safe. Use these tools to help protect yourself and those you love.

Ben & Jerry's Loses the Legal Battle for Misinforming Consumers

ben and jerrys lawsuit

January 22, 2019

Ben & Jerry's tried to get the lawsuit against them - for fraudulent and deceptive labeling and marketing - dismissed, but a judge ruled otherwise. The suit, which calls the company out for claiming to be all-natural and environmentally responsible while sourcing its dairy from polluting, inhumane and unjust CAFOs - will move forward.

The Government Is Keeping Your Child's DNA

baby pku test

January 22, 2019

Nearly every newborn gets screened for genetic diseases by their second day of life. The blood spots taken for this 'PKU test' may be stored in a state database indefinitely, and without parents' permission, raising concerns over privacy, informed consent and whether the private data could one day be misused.