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March 2019
1 Men Who Can Do 40 Pushups Have a Lower Risk for Heart Disease

The Science Behind Exercise Recovery

2 Documentary Explores Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Could You Have a Heart Attack and Not Know It?

The 5 Potential Benefits of Drinking Nettle Tea

3 Seven Principles of Cancer Treatment

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

Facts You Need to Know About Syphilis: An Introduction

4 Fatty Liver Disease Is Triggered by Choline Deficiency

What Are the Health Benefits of Vitamin K2?

What Can Ashitaba Do for You?

Weekly Health Quiz: Artificial Sweeteners, Pesticides and EMFs

5 Portions of Measles Outbreaks Are Due to Vaccine Reactions and Not Wild Measles Virus

Bill Proposed to Ban Drinking Milk From Hoofed Animals

Latest Updates on Pink Slime

6 Is the Flu Vaccine Really ‘Working Well’ This Year?

Why Your Couch Could Increase Your Poison Exposure by 600 Percent

Could You Live Without Plastic?

7 The Science of Emotional Eating and Food Addiction

Top Traits Happy People Have in Common

Soybean oil: Lurking danger in processed foods

8 A Guide to Growing Spinach

A Guide to Growing Zucchini

9 Living the Change Documentary

Do You Know How Your Food Gets Turned Into Poop?

What Is Kombucha Tea?

10 Treating Mercury Toxicity With Emeramide

No-Bake, Keto, Nut-Free Strawberry Cream Pie

Strep Throat: an Introduction

11 Weight Watchers’ Profits Plummet as More People Embrace Ketogenic Diet

Prenatal Supplements Can Decrease Autism Rates

Top Rhodiola Benefits

Weekly Health Quiz: Nutrients, Fertilization and Spinach

12 Why Herd Immunity Is a Hoax

Genetic Editing of Animals Has Horrible Side Effects

Monsanto Article Retracted

13 FDA Admits Most Sunscreens Are Probably Unsafe

How the Air Pollution Crisis Can Affect You

How a Virus Can Save Your Life

14 The Many Ways in Which Your Mattress May Harm Your Health, and How to Select a Healthy Mattress

Randomized Double-Blind Study Shows Saffron Can Help ADHD

The Impressive Benefits of Cumin: More Than Just a Curry Ingredient

15 Resolving Lower Back Pain for Good With NST

Exercise Is Key to Longer Life

16 Have You Seen the Safety Warning Hidden Inside Your Cellphone?

Can You Guess the Top Five Dirtiest Items in Your Home?

Krill Oil: Make This Omega-3 Supplement Part of Your Health Regimen

17 Wired for Healing: Remapping the Brain to Recover From Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses

Tempeh Reuben Recipe

Introduction to Dysphagia: A Throat and Esophageal Disorder With Many Underlying Causes

18 Why the Media Went Crazy for Keto Crotch

Case Study Shows CBD Shrinks Tumor

Lumbrokinase for Heart Health?

Weekly Health Quiz: Sunscreens, Mattresses and Cellphones

19 Degeneration Nation: GMOs, Toxic Chemicals and Factory Farms

The Great Statin Debate — Why Cholesterol Is Misunderstood

50 Percent Fertility Reduction Because of These Household Chemicals

20 Measles Propaganda Can Have Dire Public Health Ramifications

12-Minute Presentation on How to Reverse Diabetes

Cough Medicine Is Ineffective and May Be Dangerous

21 How a Stroke Can Happen When You're Young Like Luke Perry

Over 1 Trillion Trees Need To Be Planted in the Next 10 Years

Marjoram: A Versatile Herb for Cooking and Aromatherapy

22 Planting ‘Forest Gardens’ Can Promote a More Sustainable Food System

How to Grow Eggplant

23 We’re Running Out of Time to Reverse Desertification

A Tesla for Less Than $10,000?

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?

24 Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas

This Mouthwatering Pan-Fried Fish Recipe Might Be Your New Favorite

The Ultimate Guide to Antioxidants

25 Three Nutritional Supplements That Can Lower Your Cardiovascular Disease Risk if You Have Elevated TMAO Levels

Top Six Benefits of Colostrum

Eight Signs You Might Be B12 Deficient

Weekly Health Quiz: Measles, Agriculture and Carbon Dioxide

26 Ghost in the Machine Part 6: Mainstream Media Censors News That Threatens Its Financial Interests

250 Scientists Highlight Concerns With Earbuds

Why Did CNN Rename Mumps?

27 More Legal Troubles for Zuckerberg, and Why I’m Leaving Facebook

Dr. Mercola Answers Your Ketofast Questions

Air Pollution Is Worse Than Smoking

28 Dementia Deaths Have Doubled in Two Decades

Can a Nap a Day Keep Blood Pressure at Bay?

Eucalyptus: A Favorite of the Koala, It May Become Your Favorite Herb, Too

29 The Most Effective Forms of Exercise for Diabetes: Strength Training and High-Intensity Exercise

Fifteen Minutes of Stretching Helps Improve Flexibility

30 How Sleep Influences Learning, Memory and General Health

Study Confirms Recreational Marijuana Can Cause the Munchies

What Is Colloidal Silver?

31 How to Optimize Your Recovery After a Stroke

Comforting Caprese Egg Casserole

The Best Anti-Anxiety Foods to Munch On